Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It May Be Years Until The Day My Dreams Will Matchup With My Pay

Whats new for fall?

Adventurous they all said! Be adventurous. Be exciting, be unpredictable, be hostile, be compassionate, be sincere, be sarcastic, be something, be anything, be successful, be happy, be everything, be anything, be yourself, be just like everyone else.

I'm very happy with my lot in life. A great deal of people have common misperceptions about the life I live and the job I have. I would like to believe that I am in touch with humanity. That I understand the difference between wrong and profitable. That no matter what happens I will always stay true to what my core beliefs are. I have always admired the punk rock ethos and I do write this with a slight modicum of sadness when I must admit I have "sold out" a tad. I think "sold out" is a phrase that is antiquated beyond belief. It's not as if Ive sold out like a ticketmaster outlet. I think it's just the natural fruition of a slow and arduous maturation process that has been brewing inside of this divine simpleton since the day I was born. And I have come to accept the very basic fact of life that this is okay.

I know I am a good agent, but beyond that I am certain that I am a good and decent human being. This gets confusing sometimes because there are things you do in this job that you would never consider doing in your personal life. As a person who is painfully self aware, these contradictions become that much more magnified. There will always be a long standing love affair between fans and athletes, so on the surface, the people that share my job title will always be viewed worse than Lago, Richard Nixon, and Darth Vader all in one. I have grown to accept and embrace this role which will become more ominous the more my players achieve professionally. I cant wait.

Enough with the self discovery. I am scouting in Deland florida. Fun!!

Luke Montz is amazing. What a great story he is. Here are a couple of great links



Michael Brantley is having a special season in Huntsville and even got some fantasy baseball love which is needless to say, awesome.


I also believe my dear friend Luis Pena, despite his one game hiccup is on the verge of the big leagues (obvious). The Brewers are having some bullpen problems at the major league level and I think when Luis gets his opportunity he will explode K-rod style.

Thats it for today, sorry for the lack of updates



Seeing Radiohead may 5th. I also just bought the best concept album Ive bought in years. Kala by M.I.A. Awesome.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Got my red glitter coffin, man, just need one last nail

Ive got a meeting today with one of the top HS pitchers in the country so Im really looking fwd to not messing that up. I have a good feeling he's going to end up in college but anything worth doing is worth doing right. Ive worked hard so we'll see if I get hired.

Im very close to landing another Brewers top prospect so that should be good. Im really looking fwd. to wrapping that deal up.

Mike Durant is playing amazingly well. Michael Brantley is a 20 year old leading the southern league in hitting and walks last I checked. They're both future stars and guys to keep an eye out for.

I'm heading to Deland this week to watch Stetson play Fsu for a couple of days. Should be some good scouting contacts there this week so it should be a boon to my draft coverage.

Im seeing radiohead may 5th. I cant freaking wait. Everyone download in rainbows for free on the radiohead site now! It's totally free and legal.

Enjoy the free track



Monday, April 21, 2008


Had a really long day today. Was on the phone non stop.

I am on the verge of signing my newest Mil. Brewer client so that is my exciting news of the day. He's a pitcher so thankfully that will avoid the whole conflict of interest thing. I talked to this player a few weeks ago and he seemed interested in our services. He had no representation which was a plus so out of the blue today I get a call from this players father. The talk went well, I am sending the paper work off tomorrow so if all goes well add another Brewer to the DDSM client list. It's rare to have the relationship I have with the Brewers so believe me when I say I do not take it for granted. I work way too hard to take things for granted. Lets keep our fingers cross that this player is in. I guess Ill announce who it is on the blog sometime next week.

The pro guys all had pretty good days especially Marlon Arias of the dodgers. That kids a player man, watch out.

Taylor Green for futures game. Spread the word everywhere!!!!


The Priest They Called Him

Been on the road for a week or so. Got a chance to spend some time in Jacksonville watching my marlins clients and dodgers prospect marlon arias. It was a long week but it was fun. It's nice to see so many guys I got to know very well during their time in the florida state league. Todd Doolittle looks great, watch out for him.

Managing the draft like crazy, watching a HS game tomorrow, will have my father in North Carolina tomorrow through friday in addition to getting calls daily. It's a long process but very rewarding in the end... I hope.

Think it's too soon to speculate on Taylor Green playing in the futures game? Go Canada!!!

Thats all today, wanted to let everyone know Im alive.

talk to you soon



Thursday, April 17, 2008

Distill The Life Thats Inside Of Me

Today was the last home game for my former HS baseball team. It was a very well played game but at the same time I couldn't help but remember all the things that I miss from my time there. That's not the focus of this entry, however. It was such a great game. One kid who we are advising absolutely exploded today with pair of doubles and a pair of homeruns while another player we are not advising hit another (14th) home run of the season. For all the griping I do about having to go to high school games I know when the season ends sometime in may I will lament the fact that I will never get to see this group of kids play baseball together ever again. I have gotten to know all the families and all the kids and have spent a great deal of time there on a personal level the last three years. Some kids will become doctors, some baseball players, some will struggle through life, and some will never grow up. Baseball has the unique ability to make people feel young again and maybe that's why everyone loves the game so much. It's been a special season for my high school, I just hope they can win it all this year so more people than just myself and the locals will remember this team forever.

On the pro side of things, Brent Brewer had a very good day today. Brent is a super athletic shortstop who plays for the Brewers minor league affiliate in West Virginia. Brent is by far one of the best kids you will ever meet on this planet and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who works harder than he does. He has had a rough go of things so far this season but I know in my heart beyond the confines of my job that Brent will be a major league shortstop somewhere down the line. It's hard reading fans criticisms especially when fans don't get to see the kids play day in and out but it comes with he job and we all deal with it accordingly. I hope people keep the faith with Brent, it will pay off down the line. And let us not forget what the great Descartes said.... "If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things. "------

Mike Brantley is a top 5 hitter in the southern league as a 20 year old, Stephen Chapman hit a monster HR in Brevard while Lorenzo Cain and Darren Ford each stole two bases.

Josh Bell of the Dodgers hit a monster homer in the cal league. My Carolina Mudcats bullpen dominating the southern league as well. And the Yankees group of prospects are all playing very well.

Jeremy Haynes is close to pitching again, which I cannot wait to see.

I am supposed to do a radio interview next week for some ESPN affiliate. I currently am in Orlando watching team Canada play then off to Jacksonville Friday then home Saturday.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If They're Antiquated Beyond Belief...........

Going to a game in Miami tomorrow. Long drive, long day, long life ahead. It works. Give an inch take a smile kind of thing right? I'm excited though. I'm about to hit the road again. Going to see some of our Marlins and Dodgers kids Thursday, not looking fwd to the drive the J-ville but once I get there it should be fun.

Most of the guys are off to good starts. Mike Durant exploded his first ten games in the SAL. Josh Bell is on fire. And Mike Brantley, what more can I say about how proud I am of him. 21 years old in double A. What an amazing player. Talked to a few farm directors today to get a feel for where some of our guys are at promotion wise. Worked on the draft as usual and I am very close to finishing a 35k autograph deal!

Chris Dennis is on fire in extended ST so far hitting over 500 last week. He has a chance to have a very big season in Helena this year. Watch out.

Our AA kids in Carolina are off to a great start especially the pitchers. Todd Doolittle, Jeff Gogal, Chris Mobley and Carlos Martinez are all playing very well and I cant wait to see them this week.

On a hilarious note as always.... It was Lorenzo Cain's Bday on saturday. Lorenzo is one of the most charismatic people you will ever meet in your entire life in addition to having a great sense of comedic timing. There is one baseball card that Lorenzo doesn't autograph too often and evidently many people need it to complete there sets. Well, one kid had a really good idea. Lorenzo said no to him 5 times I guess the first day of the series so the kid came back Sunday with a giant box of doughnuts and happy birthday Lorenzo on the top of the box. It was priceless and Lorenzo signed the card.

Everything else is as it should be



PS Congratulations to my dear friend Sam Weissman who passed the Bar Exam today. This is for you......

(Explicit Lyrics)!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Met Me At A Very Strange Time In My Life

Watched another HS game today and did a great deal of pre-draft prep work. Had dinner with my soon to be roommate then attempted to go out. That failed as usual so back to work in the morning.

Seeing Brevard vs. PBC for one more game. On a hilarious note, Taylor Green of the Brewers is from Victoria BC. The Canucks goalie is Roberto Luongo who is quite the star in BC. Well I have gotten to know Roberto's in laws well the last few years and was able to get Taylor a game used signed stick from Rob. We gave Taylor the stick right before the game in Jupiter yesterday and he literally kept it in the dugout the entire game in one of the funniest displays ever to be seen. A goalie stick in the dugout of a pro baseball game. Awesome.

Just finished watching Fight Club again. God I love this movie. You have to admire the ending of this movie if nothing else because it was able to foresee things that are still painfully relevant today. The movie accurately predicts the emo fanboy nation that society is drowning in these days. The ending, with the Pixies' raucous "Where is My Mind?" wailing in the background, sees self terrorism and numb romance as the new, essential way of life. I love this movie beyond words.

More from the trail tomorrow


Greatest version of the song ever

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm So Tired, I Can't Sleep

Another day in paradise. Im trying to find guys job in indy leagues, working on endorsements and going to games. I am breathing in a never ending cycle of gas fumes and tar dust. It's what the life on the road tastes likes and my eyes swallow every last drop of it.

I love my players and I love my job. I check box scores until 2 am everyday. I go to games everyday. I do everything everyday and it takes its toll. I was at another FSL game today. Watched Brevard County again. I sure wish Jimmy Mojica got more PT but he's hitting 300 so his time will come. Darren Ford look amazing as usual, Lorenzo Cain's bat is waking up, Taylor Green is a special player and Stephen Chapman is really adjusting well to first base. After the game the guys signed a bunch of autographs and Chapman even gave a cracked bat to a little kid in the crowd.

After the game the boys and I (Casey Mulligan of the cards too) went to IHOP across from the field. It's always good to be a relaxed state with the guys. Almost everyone gets a long and everyone has a real good sense of humor. These guys go through so much stress during the season, especially in the lower minors, I think it is important as an agent to lessen that stress any way I can. So I see them all often and talk to them often and do anything I can to help them relax. I am hopeful the rest will take care of itself.

On a random note, my HS paper interviewed me. Weird.




Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vanity is but the surface.

Here we are now entertain us. Im back. On the road for 5 days going on 3 years. I'm exhausted. Always. However it is what I signed up for and I embrace every moment I get to do this. The season has started as previously noted and I am dancing a tight rope between the draft and the pro guys. I just spent 5 days on the road following the Brevard County Manatees. 2 games in Daytona and 3 in Viera. I got to spend a lot of time with Cain, Ford, Chapman, Mojica, and Green. Each player is doing very well thus far and it is always a nice experience watching your guys play in person. I know the guys appreciate it but there is also a human element that comes into play by letting the players know you're there for them.

I stayed at an awesome beach house with Chapman, Green and a couple of there teammates. The place is fantastic and it's right on the water. If I was a pro athlete making what they make at least Id be happy knowing I had that house to come back to. Ford, Cain, Mojica and myself all watched the NCAA finals at applebees which was pretty good. Cain was pretty excited with the Kansas win since he won his teams bracket.

On the baseball side of things. Green is walking a lot, Ford is stealing bases, chappy hit a bomb, Cain is breaking out after a rough couple of games and Mojica is getting a chance to show how good he can be with some PT.

Going to watch a HS game tuesday and off to Jacksonville and Orlando friday til monday.

Talk to you all soon


The Day the Music Died

Today is the 14 year anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death (Actually 4/5 but 4/8/94 is when his body was found) Here is a piece I wrote this year on Nirvana......

To me, Nirvana represented total artistic and creative freedom no matter what the cost. Kurt Cobain was able to achieve what millions of confused kids were never quite able to fully articulate. Kurt gave a voice and a face to an entire movement he himself was a part of. We were the jilted generation growing up with parents who grew up as hippies and ended up as corporate wall street frauds in federal prison. All the positive momentum of the 60's soon gave way to the gluttony and total failure of the 80's. When Nirvana first hit the scene it changed everything. It was okay to care, it was okay to be different, it was okay to be yourself, and most importantly it was okay to just exist. Life didn't have to have a purpose as long as you were just a good person. Kurt ended a generation of excess and he did his best to create positive change in the world. Women and Gay rights, musical and artistic freedom, everything the man did seemed to have a purpose. Although it seems totally evident now that Cobain himself did not appreciate his own gifts that he gave to the world, I will never forget the impact he made on my life. Cobain's art just made me feel more comfortable in my own skin. And although I am a complete corporate sellout like the people Cobain rallied against, I still can appreciate everything Nirvana and Cobain were. Nirvana and Kurt Cobain changed absolutely everything and I will always miss and lament the art and music Kurt never got to make because he left all of us way too soon.



One of my favorite songs played by Kurt at the Reading music festival in 1992 I believe.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Must Have Chaos Within You To Give Birth To A Star

Finally back in my hotel room in lovely Daytona Florida. It's 2 am and the season has finally started. Ive been checking box scores and making calls all night. Everyone is healthy and everyone played well. I was at the opening gave for the Manatees and Cubs today. At one point in time I had Clients at 1st base 2nd base 3rd base and the man at bat plus the opposing teams 1st baseman. It was an awesome feeling and I cant wait until I get this sensation again at the major league level. It is not a matter of if but when. Taylor Green had the game tying single, Darren Ford was amazing, Stephen Chapman had an oppo triple, Jimmy Mojica scored the tying run and Lorenzo Cain had two outfield assists. It was an exciting first day and hopefully the best is yet to come for these guys.

Getting hammered on the draft. Scouts calling daily. It's so stupid. We go through the motions every year just with different kids. The scouts know their position and I know mine. They know I know what I am doing and still they think they can break me. It's such a stupid process but it's part of the job and I deal with it gracefully. I'm good at it too. You do something for enough years you should be good at it and thankfully I am. Modest too evidently......

Finished a big endorsement deal today with a card company. 30,000 dollars to sign 1000 cards. Im pretty excited about that and hopefully it leads to more doors opening for more of my guys. This comes on the heals of finishing a 20,000 dollar deal earlier in the week. Awesome.

Being in Daytona also reminds me of one thought I have always had. Everyone considers Dale Earnhardt to be one of the greatest DRIVERS of all time. Thats always bothered me. How can you die DRIVING and be considered a great DRIVER?


All in all is all we are


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hate Your Enemies, Save Your Friends, Find Your Place, Speak The Truth.

Opening day for the minors today. I'm headed to Daytona to watch Brevard play. I have several players on both teams and look forward to getting the season started. Now comes the long part of the year where I check box scores until 2 am every day. Fun Fun.

On a hilarious note, I do play fantasy baseball but as an agent I do have an unfair advantage. Ive been banned from most keeper leagues Ive ever been in so I have resorted to co-gm status so I can still sneek in.

Watched a heartbreaking HS game today. My high school (#1 ranked in the country) lost to a vastly inferior team. They were robbed by some shoddy calls but they should have pulled it out. There was one incredibly special moment in the game, however. With two outs left in the game and down to their final out the 9 hole hitter stepped up and hit a game tying home run which was his 12th of the season. He is far better than a 9 hole hitter but if it helps the team win having him there then I guess the ends justify the means. Watching that moment unfold was special It teaches you something about the redemptive nature of baseball. Here is a kid who has endured and persevered to make himself the player he currently is today. I've known the kid and the family for several years and I know how much this year must make everyone involved feel. I wish nothing but the best to the entire family because they deserve it. Really. Lots of scouts were at the game so I got to accomplish some stuff for the players we are advising. The draft is a long time coming but not soon enough.

Work has been great. Still trying to find my place in the world. I'm 25 shouldn't I have it all together already? I found it hard, it's hard to find, oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Res Ipsa Loquitur