Friday, December 31, 2010

The Future Hangs Over Our Head

Ten more years in the books. Im an adult now. Im not 30 but I almost am. I have a career and its almost where I want it to be. I have my friends and they are not all where I want them to be. I have women in my life but not always the ones that I wish they were. Things change. Things stay the same. I'm the same. I'm different. I'm older. I'm grayer. I think I'm smarter. Lost some friends gained some new ones. Some heroes died and some are still here. Everything becomes a memory. Then you die. See you in 2011.

Res Ipsa Loquitor.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Running Through My Head

I am so unbelievably exhausted. What a week right? I try to have a normal friday to sunday cycle but I guess the Royals and Brewers had other plans right? I got to bed at 5 am friday woke up at 9 am and had 17 texts and 11 missed calls. What the hell right? The trade should be a great and welcomed opportunity for both of my guys. I should be at the KC fanfest this year instead of the one in Milwaukee. Sorry Wisconsin, at least youll have a cy young winner for two years at least to fall back on.
I finished a couple of big endorsement deals this week so Ill probably post those details when the ink goes on the paper.

Thats all for now.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trade 2.0

Well thanks to some new developments JJ might be PTBNL


Lorenzo cain 100 percent a Royal. Thats all I know.

The Royal We?

Lorenzo Cain and Jeremy Jeffress are two of my clients. I am with Lorenzo this weekend and around 11 pm last night I got about 15 texts from members of the media asking if a deal was done involving both players. Both clients in addition to myself have heard absolutely nothing from either ball club. I read somewhere the deal was done pending a physical which is nice except JJ and Lo havent been informed of any pending physicals which probably means thats not true. Anything is possible but I would bet against this happening from what I know from my end. Both players are incredibly happy to be Milwaukee Brewers and it's the only organization either player knows. The Brewers have been phenomenal in working with both players especially sticking by Lorenzo as a raw underdeveloped prospect and Jeremy through all of his trials and tribulations. If a trade were to be completed it would be a huge honor and responsibility being traded for a Cy Young caliber pitcher. Both players are fierce competitors and would in my estimation not only rise to the challenge this trade would present to them but embrace the challenge as well. Ill post more as I hear more and it's been a while since I said famously "Mike Brantley will not be the ptbnl" so Ill try to be more responsible in what I leak. So in 8 hours Ill be at dolphin stadium with Cain/Hanyes/Brantley relaxing and enjoying the day.



Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 1: Orlando

Will update later. Will not tweet. Probably. Hotel lobby, suites and restaurants here I come.


Friday, December 3, 2010


Im moving today. From a 2 bedroom to a 1. Finally growing up. Finalizing meetings for the winter meetings. I have a meeting today and had one last night too. So it goes.

Nothing mega exciting going on lately beyond work. Tron comes out. I'm totally a nerd for that. y'all.

Health wise im amazing and I have some amazing opportunities coming up so stay tuned for the 7 of you who still read this. Thanks you're amazing