Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wont You Believe It Its Just My Luck

Sept. came early for Taylor Green. Very happy for a very special young man from a very special family. Ive known the Greens for 6 years now and I can say today is one of the more special days in my career. Every time one of my clients achieves his dream of playing in the major leagues its a great moment but when you're with someone as long as Ive been with Taylor it adds a little something extra to the moment. I remember all the struggles and sacrifices he has mad going through the minors going from late round draft after thought to minor league player of the year to major leaguer. What an impressive situation.

Can't wait til 9/1


Friday, August 26, 2011

Nice Life

Ill get to this soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Only Time I Miss You Is Every Single Day

It seems that real life has gotten in the way of my writing ambitions and for the 12 readers that follow this I am very sorry. Ive always enjoyed writing here. I hope someday to be super active like I was in the past. I hope deep down I didnt stop writing because I became so jaded that I didnt think this mattered. If anything for a time it always mattered to me and then one day.....boom it was gone.

Work has its usual ups and downs. Had another guy promoted to the big leagues yesterday. Thats 5 total +8 40 man guys. Not bad for a one man band.

I made a very conscious decision to tone it down this year. I dont know why but in retrospect it seems like a very poor decision. I am going to do my best to really write as much as I can on here. Its been a tough time personally lately but as noted professionally Im the best ive ever been.

If anyone wants to reach me I can still be found at



Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hello again. Im writing from the road. I was just in KC now I am in SF and then I am heading home. This is turning into a very interesting year so far. I finally feel like I have gotten close to where I need to be with respect to my career. I'm doing things Ive never been in a position to do thus far and it is a very exciting time. I have the right players and teams are paying attention. Its honestly quite nice. I have done so much work preparing statistical analysis for the offseason in hopes of jump starting some negotiations and the response Ive gotten thus far is positive. I cant wait to see what the finished product looks like.

With all the joys of professional success it honestly has been hard to balance the personal life. I work so much I have left so little time to myself. I have my droid phone with a working old school NES system which keeps me busy, I have my very small group of friends, my family and my clients and thats it. If anyone ever wants to enter the industry be prepared to give up your life to this job. Only after you make, if you ever make it at all, will you have the opportunity to build up the family/personal life. I am really looking forward to that.

No real music news. Just a startling revelation that there are teenagers out there who believe Dave Grohl is a vastly more talented musician than kurt cobain was. Ugh. I shudder to think.

I think when I get home I may take a trip back to fsu. Its been way too long and I have the urge to relieve some of my college life. Im sure Ill write about it when it happens. I also turn 29 may 3rd. My last birthday of my 20's. I cant freaking believe it. Ive done alot during this decade and Ill do even more in the next.

Res Ipsa something something


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Useless And I'm Famous

I do this every year partially to commemorate the most impactful artist of my life time and partially to mark where I am with respect to my own life each passing year. Every year I get older all this music means something a little different to me. Every year I get a little further from life and closer to death and that honestly still doesnt phase me. I still remember when I discovered Nirvana. First as a passing image at age nine, then trying to remember the worlds to heart shaped box at 12, then swallowing the entire catalog at age thirteen one year too late. The music makes me happy, the music makes me sad, the music makes me feel alive and the music makes me die. Its basic, its complex, its clear, and its hazy all at the same time and thats what makes Nirvana Nirvana. I am actually getting more annoyed now these days hearing that cobains legacy has been enhanced by his early demise. If anything his death muddled what would have been an incredibly clear legacy. He was the last John Lennon since John Lennon died and anyone who argues that is a fool. Anyone who gets caught up in the semantics of not understanding the lyrics or arguing power chords arent music are simply no in on the joke. They're late to a party that died in 1994 while everyone else already RSVP'd. This is an energy that is trapped in a generation and for a few brief moments in time someone let it out and that will never happen again. All were left with is all that energy thats still buried inside all of us who were around to witness those times still waiting for someone else to come around and let a little bit more of it out from inside of us.

Thank you


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Divine And Bright

I missed Feb completely didnt want to totally ignore march. The season is about to start and I have some awesome new work opportunities. Im grinding away same as ever just finding less and less time to write which isnt cool lets be honest. Id be amazed if anyone even stumbled by this blog anymore but this blog has always been a microcosm of some sorts. I started doing it just for myself really then a few people picked up on it, then some more, then some more, then came the ridicule and the scorn, then some followers then I just torched the whole thing until nothing was left. This was my In Utero, a complete rejection of what everyone wanted and people still liked it and the only way to get it back really was to neglect it. I feel like I can start writing again if I want to and I might actually take myself up on that. And if anyone is still left here there will be a reward at the end of the rainbow. Maybe Ill write something awesome someday or maybe Ill just make a pair of BK Knights available as a prize (oh how I miss double dare) who knows? But as for all my hollow promises with regard to my blog I think I really will try to write more. Probably less about my career which will shut off a lot of people (all 6 of you) but who knows? I always used to write what was on my head without regard for anything and it would be nice to go back to that place. Ill be having my yearly Cobain post coming up in a week. I hate writing that but this year will be a doozy for that story. I was in Seattle last june so Ill have the chance finally to opine about it.

Peace Love Empathy to everyone

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dont Tell Me What I Wanna Hear

God I am so sorry I vanished. I have been getting ready for the season with little regard to anything else. My good friend just got engaged so that was exciting. Just got back from AZ. Went to clearwater then saw team canada in st pete. Lost some guys, got some new ones. Working on some career opportunities. Anyone who has any ideas of joining this industry would do well not to. If it doesnt pan out you all have my word Ill write the most incidiary novel ever written about the sport naming all kinds of names for a variety of things on both sides of the business.

That is all

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I finally got my 39th comment to be moderated. Ill get to them eventually.

It's 432 in the morning. I'm in clearwater florida. I cant sleep and am going over random stuff just to make myself feel slightly more productive. I covered some more draft stuff this weekend, finalized another big deal TBA, and visited a client I hadnt seen since mid season.

Every situation is different in this business. Just becaues one guy does something doesnt mean you can hold everyone else to that standard. For example if a guy starts to flake out and stops returning your phone calls it doesnt always mean you're about to get fired even though that feeling pops up instantly each time that happens.

The more you know....I know.

Lots of phone calls and meetings this past week. Some interesting things might be popping up but then again it could all just be an exercise in futility as nice as everyone has been. I'm going to make it one way or another either by myself or with others. I know the ending just not the details. I know I'm 28 and have gray hair now which is messed up but Im sure it just adds character. Give an inch take a smile.



Monday, January 10, 2011


I was just watching the news as I am sure most people have the last few days watching the events in Arizona transpire. Several people were shot and several more were killed including John Greens Daughter Taylor. John for those of you who dont know is a scout in the Dodgers system who I have had the pleasure of working with over the course of my career. A tremendously good man I cant help but feel anything put profound sadness and empathy for their family and what they must be going through during this difficult time. If anyone out there is reading this say a prayer for all the families out in Arizona. What a national tragedy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ring Ring

2011 is here. So much in store for everyone. I'm starting the year off scouting under classmen in ft. myers, then I'm headed to KC for the fanfest. Lots of endorsement work going on not to mention all my draft stuff and ususal matinance. Can't wait to get back on the road again. Did an interview last night which was interesting since I havent done one in a while. Hopefully I didnt screw it up.

Have some interesting business opportunities on the horizon. Ill try to write more this year I promise. Thanks for hanging in there.