Sunday, January 16, 2011


I finally got my 39th comment to be moderated. Ill get to them eventually.

It's 432 in the morning. I'm in clearwater florida. I cant sleep and am going over random stuff just to make myself feel slightly more productive. I covered some more draft stuff this weekend, finalized another big deal TBA, and visited a client I hadnt seen since mid season.

Every situation is different in this business. Just becaues one guy does something doesnt mean you can hold everyone else to that standard. For example if a guy starts to flake out and stops returning your phone calls it doesnt always mean you're about to get fired even though that feeling pops up instantly each time that happens.

The more you know....I know.

Lots of phone calls and meetings this past week. Some interesting things might be popping up but then again it could all just be an exercise in futility as nice as everyone has been. I'm going to make it one way or another either by myself or with others. I know the ending just not the details. I know I'm 28 and have gray hair now which is messed up but Im sure it just adds character. Give an inch take a smile.



Monday, January 10, 2011


I was just watching the news as I am sure most people have the last few days watching the events in Arizona transpire. Several people were shot and several more were killed including John Greens Daughter Taylor. John for those of you who dont know is a scout in the Dodgers system who I have had the pleasure of working with over the course of my career. A tremendously good man I cant help but feel anything put profound sadness and empathy for their family and what they must be going through during this difficult time. If anyone out there is reading this say a prayer for all the families out in Arizona. What a national tragedy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ring Ring

2011 is here. So much in store for everyone. I'm starting the year off scouting under classmen in ft. myers, then I'm headed to KC for the fanfest. Lots of endorsement work going on not to mention all my draft stuff and ususal matinance. Can't wait to get back on the road again. Did an interview last night which was interesting since I havent done one in a while. Hopefully I didnt screw it up.

Have some interesting business opportunities on the horizon. Ill try to write more this year I promise. Thanks for hanging in there.