Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goldmine Gutted

The future never quite feels like the future when you get there. The past on the other hand always feels nostalgic when looking back. These grand visions of future conquests usually lay waste fully in ruins in the past eventually. Everyone has plans for the future and everyone has a past. Its the middle, that truth, that defines an individuals reality. Whats my reality? I know where I was, what I wanted, and where I am. It's not quite what I had planned but who knows what the future holds? Ill know when I get there.

Mahalo 2009


Monday, December 28, 2009

Cold Mirror

Something Against You

So I lost my fantasy football league by 3 freaking points. Way to go vikings, thanks for totally screwing up the OT today.

Headed to a showcase in the morning. Long day ahead. Trying to get my remaining free agents jobs. Im hopeful I can finish all that by spring training obviously. Im feeling well thank god. Just busy which is awesome.

I love Joy Division and LCD Sound System.

I had a pretty good day with an old friend today. It's nice she's doing well.

Nothing major today



All Of My Friends

A couple of days away from 2010. Has it been 20 years? I remember being 8 years old in 1990. My father bought me a pack of 1990 topps baseball cards. Those goofy future looking cards with such memorable rookies as Paul Coleman and Willie Ansley.... I got a 5000k card of Nolan Ryan and the love affair with baseball was cemented. My dad has always been there for me and if there is one thing I can take from this wretched decade is that I know I can always count on my dad. The dynamics have shifted as I have gotten older and I want him to know that I too will always be there for him no matter what. I mean when everythings gone and theres nothing left at least we have each other. I am thankful everyday that I get to go to work with my dad. It's been by far one of the greatest experiences in my entire life.

Another day on the road tomorrow. Headed to a showcase with bossman. Fun Fun.

Will keep writing until I stop.



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Passing Through The Night

Another long day of work at the office but I cant complain. Finished 15 wonderful contracts with a very prominant glove company. I cant thank this company to be named later for all they have done for our guys. Its a special moment no matter what level a player is at to get a glove contract and I am just happy beyond words that IM the guy who gets to help make these small perks a reality. I try to make sure that I take care of all the off the field headaches so all my guys have to do is go out there and play ball. Im glad I got these done before the new year. My goal is to finish as much as possible before 2010 rolls around.

Also bought some dvds today. 500 days of summer which was my favorite movie of the year, Something,Something,Something Dark Side, season 1 of eastbound and down, and two movies I hated but I wanted to love, District 9 and Extract. Hopefully the 2nd time around is better or best buy will be getting them back asap.

Thats it for now


Monday, December 21, 2009

Clearing Gutters Getting By Looking Ahead The Day You Die

Id been meaning to add this to the blog for a while plus its a shameless attempt to add posts here...... so here we go

Now I've justified this to myself in all sorts of ways. It wasn't a big deal, just a minor betrayal. Or we'd outgrown each other, you know, that sort of thing. But let's face it, I ripped them off - my so called mates. But Begbie, I couldn't give a shit about him. And Sick Boy, well he'd done the same to me, if he'd only thought of it first. And Spud, well okay, I felt sorry for Spud - he never hurt anybody. So why did I do it? I could offer a million answers - all false. The truth is that I'm a bad person. But, that's gonna change - I'm going to change. This is the last of that sort of thing. Now I'm cleaning up and I'm moving on, going straight and choosing life. I'm looking forward to it already. I'm gonna be just like you. The job, the family, the fucking big television. The washing machine, the car, the compact disc and electric tin opener, good health, low cholesterol, dental insurance, mortgage, starter home, leisure wear, luggage, three piece suite, DIY, game shows, junk food, children, walks in the park, nine to five, good at golf, washing the car, choice of sweaters, family Christmas, indexed pension, tax exemption, clearing gutters, getting by, looking ahead, the day you die.

Sea Change

I'm good but I guess I always am. Im tired, but Im guess I always am too. I had a pretty successful and thoughtful year but I am going to rant about that at a later date. We lost some things this year but gained even more. Works hard but so is concrete. The game is what we love anyway right? This is not for everyone. Not everyone is meant to understand. If you're not on the inside you're lost. And if you're lost, well, go home and leave me alone. Everything is good. Everything has been absolutely terrific lately. More baseball later. I just want to get to 7 more posts before the years done. RIP Brittany Murphy, you were terrific in Sin City and 8 mile and Im sure 1000 other things I never have seen. You family and fans will miss you.



Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

Today was the conclusion of the winter meetings. Its been crazy and I have been beyond busy. Tom Haudricourt is posting a terrific story about Jeremy Jeffress tomorrow that should give the world a good idea on whats been going on with JJ the last few months. It's a very special story and I hope everyone reads it with an open mind.

Today was a big day. We had 4 players taken in the rule 5 draft. So the count now is 5 big leaguers 13 40 man players and several minor leaguers. I am beyond proud of what my father and I have been able to do the last few years. No matter what other agents have to say about us or whatever it is they think of me..... Im doing something right.... maybe?

Thanks to all the fans who have been so gracious to me this past year on the road. Without you guys and the players I am truley nothing.

Mahalo from indy


Monday, December 7, 2009

I Cant Take You Anywhere

So I am headed to Indy in a few hours. Big things, Big plans. Meetings, trade show, Rule 5 draft. Interviews and lecturtes. It is what it is in all of its glorious fashion. I think I am going to take a camera this year and post them on the blog while im on the road. Stay tuned


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Set Fire To Flames

Another lovely day in paradise. Woke up a 5 am today and I am finally just finishing everything I was doing today. Got some 6 year FA guys jobs, finished more baseball card deals which to me was a big achievement given what the economy is these days, and I finished a lot of my paperwork that I am bringing to Indy. I think the Rule 5 draft is going to be an active day for me for certain so that is something I am quite looking forward to. I probably made a good 100 calls today but anything worth doing is worth doing right. Lots of meetings scheduled for Indy....just cant wait to get started.



Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm Coming For You

Ive had an eventful week. Been a bit sick and I actually had to go to the ER last friday. I was admitted to the hospital and got discharged on wed been home for a week now. Free agency obviously has begun and I finished a deal for one of our 6 year minor league free agents while I was in the emergency room with an IV in my arm. It was a pretty surreal moment but talent never sleeps. I owe it to everyone I work for to mean what I say, and when they hear me tell them Ill work until I cant anymore, they know Im telling the truth. So Ive done alot of things in my lifetime, but never have I done a deal while in an emergency room.

Im still here


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hold It In Your Gut

Friday is the big day. 40 Man rosters are finalized and we're expecting some good news. For the guys not added, its just another day. To the guys added, well, one step closer to reaching their ultimate dream. It's usually a pretty special day. The guys not added will have the opportunity to be selected in the rule 5 draft. Its going to be a busy few weeks.

Winter meetings are coming up. I cant wait to get out there. Ive been preparing for months.

Been in the hospital this week, sick as can be. Got admitted after heading to the ER on sunday. I'm doing okay now for the most part, the staff here has been amazing.

Talk to you all soon


Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Late!

Every november 12th I watch the entire back to the future trilogy. Its like a holiday for me.11/12 was the day that young Marty McFly went back to the future, and for those history buffs out there, its also the date of the famous hill valley lightening storm. Ive been very sick all week so I actually am glad I had a chance to watch all 3 given the circumstances. Im currently doing some paper work while watching Demolition Man. Headed on the road again sunday then some other things.

Brent Brewer is not going to play football. The rumor is bogus.

That is all


Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Human Than Human

Out in arizona....again. Games, meetings, more games more meetings. High school games, fall league games, bat companies and players. Its all here and its a ton of work to accomplish. Im looking forward to Canada monday. It's aways awesome going to BC and im lucky enough to head back there. Its been a long week so im dead tired as usual. Eventually Ill get to writing some more meaningful stuff here.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make A Deal With God

It's been a weak month for me as far as the blog is concerned. Ive been grinding it out on the trail. Arizona,Home,Arizona again,Canada,Arizona,Home. The fall league has 3 people out there. Scouts,Players,Agents. Tremendous. Trying to handle the fall league and the draft. Its a grind but I'm still here


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Now That I'm Older My Heart Is Colder I Can See That It's A Lie

First post of the new month. Took a while I suppose. I drove 250 miles round trip today. Finally got home.

Headed to the AFL friday. Have 8 guys there. Should be able to accomplish alot.
Doing some draft work.... It never gets easier. In fact it gets sharper and much more painful potentially.

Listening to the Arcade Fire quite a bit.

Will post from the AFL



Saturday, October 3, 2009

Soft And Sweet

This is not baseball related at all but I read this quote today which I am totally embarrassed to say I had never read until just now. It's beyond touching and it's probably one of the best quotes I have ever read in my life. To think a 15 year old girl had the depth to feel this way.

"Because when everybody starts hovering over me, I get cross, then sad, and finally end up turning my heart inside out, the bad part on the outside and the good part on the inside, and keep trying to find a way to become what I’d like to be and what I could be if . . . if only there were no other people in the world."

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Childhood Ends The Day You Learn That You're Going To Die Someday

Headed to Arizona the 17th-22nd, then Pittsburgh the 25th, back home the 26th, then back to Arizona the 28th I believe til oct 3rd.

This is my 150th post. I cant believe people read this but thank you to all who have. It's been a tremendously fun experience posting here and hopefully mildly entertaining too. Ive debated the merits of doing a webcast..... but that seems like an aweful idea.

I have 8 guys in the fall league. AFL not instructs my dear agent friend who doesnt know the difference between the two leagues. Well done.

Some big things in the works.

Will be around



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well Have Joy Well Have Fun Well Have Seasons In The Sun

I am back on twitter despite usually having good judgement. How much worse could tweeting be than blogging? Ill find out I guess. It's a fun social experiment until someone loses an eye. I'm on the road again watching instructs (lame) visiting a player for his birthday (awesome) and going back to the big leagues next week (most awesome). Finalized more endorsements and given the state of the economy is a miracle. I'm a magician.... sometimes. Still grinding it out trying to get more money.... we shall see.

Im in love with Joy Division and I need to watch Control.

I lost some weight the last couple of months and it's fantastic. I also have the second most points in my fantasy football league but I'm 0-2 which reminds me why I hate fantasy sports.

Heres the twitter page and Ill be tweeting the rest of the season+fall league. Enjoy all 19 of you followers



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ive Got The Spirit But Lose The Feeling

Back in SoFla for a little bit right now. Try to capitalize on things on this end. Grinding it out until the end of the season. Really focusing on endorsements and keeping everyone happy. I forgot to mention this. I very much enjoy interacting with fans. While I was in cleveland after the game I went to get Mike's care and there were 200 or so people waiting to see the players. People kept calling me "Green Tie" for obvious reasons, but it was very satisfying getting the chance to talk to all the people I could before I had to go. I spoke to some kids about how I got my job and answered whatever questions I could for them. I even got to give away a baseball to a little kid wearing a ton of Indians gear. The kids are awesome and I love seeing them leave the game happy.Thats all now



Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let Me In

Today was one of the most special days of my career. I'm in Cleveland right now and I finally got to watch Michael Brantley play in the big leagues. It's a special moment for any agent worth their salt when a player they have finally makes it. It's a feeling that never gets old obviously. Ive known Michael since he was a senior in HS and Ive been there for all of the highs and lows. I am beyond proud of Michael and I love him and his family almost beyond description. They really have become an extention of my family and being there tonight watching Michael play on 9/11 in front of thousands of fans.....well it makes the last 7 years totally worth it.



Love Myself Better Than You, I Know Its Wrong So What Should I Do?

A brief update on my last post. Sometimes validation can show up without an expectation of it ever showing up at all. I kept my job. The relationship I built with the player I had written about in my last post was so strong that when this was all said and done, I kept my job. This is why it's so important to always do right by your clients. Eventually pays off in the most unexpected of ways.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Man Turn Bad

You take the good with the bad in this game. The hard to swallow with what goes down smooth and the sense of validation combined with overwhelming failure. Its a hard balance. Sometimes you wonder why you do this job and other times you're clearly reminded of the things that make you want to do this job. This is a hard business, I knew that from the start, with that being said it does not make things any easier when things go wrong. This was one of the best weeks of my career professionally bar none. Mike Brantley is up in the big leagues and playing his heart out. Its been very rewarding to watch that entire process from HS to now. Someone else however left today. Someone who I considered myself to be very close with. Its hard to know no matter what you do in this game you're expendable. Its crushing even, and this blow is particularly upsetting beyond the obvious professional ramifications. I lost a very dear friend today but such is life. I have a job to do and now im going back to work.

Peace Love Empathy


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Imagination Decides Everything

A beyond rewarding evening for me personally. Michael Brantley, a player I have known since he was drafted was called up to the big leagues today. It was a tremendous moment in my career and I will likely cherish it the rest of my life. He called me around midnight (I'm in LA so 9 pm local) and tells me "We did it". Words cannot describe how I feel right now. Its a sense of overwhelming validation to some extent. Michael is a special individual and I couldnt be more proud of him. I consider him to be a dear friend and I know this day is the start of something really big for him. Enjoy him Cleveland, he's a good one.



Saturday, August 29, 2009

And I'm Feeling Very Sick And Ill Today

Another day in paradise. 3rd state in 5 days. Im in LA this time. Im exhausted. I think Ive finally gone beyond exhaustion. Oh well. Okay. Im watching games, meeting families, and doing good work. Hard work. Work nobody else wants to do. So, here I am and in demand.

Ive been reading a great deal lately. Lots of interesting things from the Higgs Boson particle and String Theory to why Quantum Mechanics is a flawed premise. Also some cool stuff on why John Hughes was hollywoods answer to JD Salinger.

Listening to the Smiths alot which never gets old. 10 games to go then I can go home. Then the fall league. We have 9 guys going. Guess who?

Mahalo J

Friday, August 21, 2009

Never Too Soon

I just saw the new Tarantino movie. As a Jew I must say, about freaking time.

It's 3 am and Im packing. Im going to Bowie at 9 am.

I just wanted to drop a line here. I dont have anything all that substantial to say here. So here is one of my favorite poems ever.

"point a didn't work out so he moved on to point b which was where everybody was hanging out anyways. at first there was a lot of talk about point c and some speculation about d and points after that. but as time went by at point b, this kind of talk made everybody annoyed. i mean, point a hadn't worked out for anyone except for a couple of folks in the past and they just proceeded immediately to point c, supposedly. actually, for most people at point b, if you could gain their confidence, they'd privately voice great doubts a's existence. and the more time that passed at point b, the more suspect even the idea of point a became, not just for us but really for anyone, including those people who left. so we trashed point a because it worked great wonders for us in consoling ourselves about the fact that point b had begun to look increasingly like a permanent home for us. still, there were a few dreamer-types around who refused to come (?) to point b and suddenly insisted on a's possibility as well as c, d, e and on out to z.
but this made everybody feel bad, you know, like they were lacking or failing, so it was tacitly agreed upon that these people were just crazy and since they wouldn't pledge their allegiance to point b it was hard to accommodate them. but some use was eventually made of them, which didn't pay well but seemed to appease them and amuse the rest of us for a while until both of them developed debilitating addictions and died off. then we were sad but not overly so and not for too long because it was these addictions that did them in, not point b or us. i mean, christ, we gave them what they wanted, which was condescending applause for their little dances and songs, pictures and skits, humorous memoirs filled with melodramatic and ridiculous nonsense all about points a and c, which, come on, is useless if you live in the real world. shit! i cant get anything done anyways because people always call me on the telephone saying, "we love you jesse, we love you joseph, we love you helmut, we love you drako, we love you tricky dick, we love you vaughn, ron and even dan even though you cant spell for shit. we don't love you despite the fact that you have no ambition but because you don't and we don't either." i can barely keep my own campaign going with all the freaks and distractions of point b, much less drum up some interest in other people's crap about other places. you cant live in a castle made of sand unless its got a sand bank that dispenses actual paper currency. i mean, the point is we live here in the middle of point b so get with the fucking program. sure, you might ask, "what is the program?" and i wouldn't really be able to tell you but i will really be able to run it. and that's good enough for me because that's the way things are. point a, point c, point d, t, o, m, a, t, o, e - tomatoe"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wall Of Ice

You're welcome.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Got away for some modicum of time today and got to spend 2 hours each at Disney,Mgm and epcot. Epcot was brutal, Disney was okay, and MGM is still my favorite by far. My favorite place on earth is the Brown Derby there. Awesome

Driving home in about 20 minutes. It's pouring. Close to some big things work wise. Almost finished and all that plugging away will have paid off.



Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm The Hero Of The Story I Dont Need To Be Saved. No Ones Got It All

I am in Orlando right now. Taking calls. Doing work. Had a real life date last night for the first time in a while. Dinner and a movie. It was nice to escape for a few hours. Gearing up for winter ball. So far have 5 guys going to the fall league. Looks like Ill be out there for a week again. Spending lots of time doing endorsement work which is fantastic.

Got some emails from people asking for autographs from some of our players. Id send stuff out if I could but we dont keep stuff in the office. Your best bet is to try the players via the stadium. Unless anyone wants my autograph which would be a very very hilarious and terrible idea.

Working on my guitar skills. Must join band before I turn 30.

Thats it


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Please,Please,Please Let Me Have My Way

I have no idea who is still reading all this but to anyone who is still here (beyond the agents spying on me) thank you. Went to Jupiter the other day to watch a game in which I had no clients playing. I just wanted the opportunity to get back to my roots and scout. It was enjoyable. For the first time in a long time I just watched a game without any intention of selling something. It was refreshing.

Everyone go see 500 Days of Summer. Awesome movie. Not Eternal Sunshine good but still..... Booking my west coast swing today. Cant wait until I get to LA.

My best always


Friday, August 7, 2009

The Cemeteries Of The World Are Full Of Indispensable Men

There was a ton of positive publicity this week thanks to the tremendously awesome article Baseball Prospectus posted regarding the Josh Bell trade. LINK

Also a nice mention of Trayvon Robinson which was a nice touch. Trayvon has had a tremendous year so its nice to see some of the hardwork rewarded.

Rough week personally. I had to put down my 1 year old cat snowball who passed away due to FIP disorder. I am a huge animal lover so this was devastating. He was a great cat, so to anyone with an animal out there reading this, go give your pet a hug right now.

Works the same, planning out the stretch run, making my westcoast swing this month so that should be good. Watching VH1 right now and for some ungodly reason Creed is on TV again and for some even more ungodly reasons that are unknown to me they're playing on stage again. WHY? Who really missed creed? I was happy when they disbanded and honestly who though history would be more kind to Fred Durst over Scott Stapp?



Some good music

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Jokes Go Down So The Bass Goes Up

I figured I go different this blog. Ill tell a story.

When I was back in college at fsu during the fall of 2005 I had serious aspirations of doing standup comedy. There is a club at FSU called club down under that played some awesome indy music shows (bright eyes, sea and cake, of montreal etc..) but most importantly every few weeks they had an open mic competition for people wanting to try standup comedy. And at some of the shows they actually had a real comic there and a group of college kids opening. Zach Galifinakas was there once, Patton Oswald, and most importantly, Mitch Hedberg. I had the tremendous experience of performing that night in addition to watching a totally sold out show after I was done. Mitch was totally out of it that night. He was forgetting jokes, the audience had to finish several of them for him , he was slurring his words, and most horrifically at the end he actually collapsed off the stage. Everyone honestly thought he died. He got up, told some more jokes, then left. My roommate and I ran to the exit after the show to meet mitch and his wife Lynn. It was raining, but the two of them were awesome. Mitch signed a baseball, two cd's and a picture for me. He told me eventually he'd probably write a joke about the ball one day. He invited us to hangout at his hotel after the show but I declined. Instantly regretting that I went back to the hotel about an hour later, left him a note at the front desk with my cell phone number and left. The next morning I got a phone call at 9 am on a Saturday. I didn't pick up the call, but it was him. My idol was calling me and I didn't pick up the damn phone. That's probably going to bother me the rest of my life. The guy was a genius and I cant think of a sadder moment during my college experience than finding out Mitch passed away due to a drug overdose in 2006. I hadn't felt that upset about a celebrity passing since Kurt Cobain. Mitch comedically will always be a hero to me and I am beyond thankful I had the opportunity to tell him in person that he was the reason I had the balls to do stand up comedy. Remember "When the jokes go down, the bass goes up" Mahalo J

Me on stage at FSU

Myself with Mitch after the show.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Need You Around

Josh Bell got traded today. Busy last couple of days. Heard from several trusted and amazingly awesome sources that this was likely to go down. This is a great Opportunity for Josh. I know he's going to miss the people who helped get him to this point but baseball is a game of adjustments on and off the field. Josh is going to start in AA for the Orioles and come spring training who knows. I know he enjoyed his time with the dodgers, made a ton of life long friends, and really just matured as a person during his time there. Not one bad thing to say about the dodgers and really what more could you ask for?

Thats it


Tell Me That You Need To Show Me

Crunched with order, making a ton of phone calls, getting ready to leave town Saturday, booking new flights, making new reservations, reading, hardly sleeping, and bracing for the trade deadline.

Sorry for the lack of depth lately. Been insanely busy.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In The Meantime

Hitting the road again, sifting through rumors and phone calls. Trade deadline is coming.

Thats it. More friday


Casey Mulligan Thriller

I actually got this posted on and it blew up. Job well done to me. (Modesty lacking I know)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bottle Up And Go

I have felt a tremendous disconnect with everyone lately beyond the normal interactions of my career. Ive been home for about a day this month. I miss my friends I miss my family most of all I think I miss alot of the things that my life used to include. I think about my college experience all the time these days. I always imagined that this is what my life was going to become, so thanfully I never let that lessen the times I had when I was younger. No sense worrying about something you cant stop. In college I worried about what my life would be like with this career and now with my career I wonder what my life is going to be like with this soul crushing non stopped workaholic life style attached to it. Will I get married, will I have kids, will things ever calm down? All my friends are getting tied down now and I am no where even close to that point in my life. On the flip side Im pretty advanced with my career so take the good with the bad as everything in life. I work til I collapse every day which is beyond exhausting and it's not anything I can fully get used to, I just do it. I'm just an average 27 year old and I'm sure Ill figure things out because I always do.

Just a non sports rant today



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dying Like A Day

First off

I'm sorry I caved in to that. I hate twitter, its brutal, its lame, its facebook status updates gone insane. All apologies

Been home literally 1 day this month. It will continue. Atlanta,Alabama,Ft myers,Chattanooga,Birmingham,Atlanta again then some other states. Its grinding but good I suppose.

Ive written some tremendous jokes lately. Im quite happy with that. Im at the southern league all star game in Birmingham now, couple of clients in the home run derby, one won it. After party was dull, food was horrible weather sucks. Game should be fun however.

Want to keep this alive til I get interesting again



Friday, July 3, 2009

Where Do Bad Folks Go When They Die They Dont Go To Heaven Where The Angels Fly Go To A Lake Of Fire And Fry See Them Again On The Fourth Of July

Was in 3 states in a day. 3 in one freaking day. How does that even happen? Tn,Ga,Fla. Wonderful. I enjoyed writing my last blog entry substantially more than any other entry I have ever writen. Was it unprofessional? Probably. Should I have ignored what that blogger wrote, thus invalidating its significance? Yeah. Do I care? No. I honestly wish there was a bit more reform in this industry banning every random idiot from starting an agency just because they're superfans. It hurts the industry as a whole having unqualified and uneducated people in the business but such is life. Im not here to reform anything, im just here to do a job.

Everything seems to be back to normal for now. Scouting, traveling, all star games etc....

Players are playing well and getting healthy finally which is nice.

Thinking about starting another blog called Sports Agent

Enjoy happy 4th


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Very Biting Criticism Of A Doom Filled Situation

Read the above story before reading my rant. I never comment on specific stories ever but this one really hit home. This is the last commentary I will ever have. I originally attempted to post this rant on the blog itself but it was not added for some reason (I wonder why?). Enjoy, it's me at my angriest.

I would also like to comment on the wonderfully written implication in this story criticizing a young mans very serious illness. It is almost as if the blogger (writer would be far too legitimizing a term) suggests that it would have been more acceptable in his mind if the player in question was a cheater trying to achieve a competitive advantage as opposed to recognizing what this situation actually is, a young man trying to overcome a very serious illness. So in the bloggers view, using steroids is a smart move while dealing with a serious drug addiction make you an idiot. One wonders what this "agent" does to help his clients off the field if this is what is going on inside his head. How anyone can reasonably condone a PED is beyond me, bravo.
There is also the assumption that the blogger makes that a teams front office would abandon a player during a very difficult time in his life, equating it to a death in the family I believe. I know the blogger/agent lacks the most basic of experiences in professional baseball which is to be expected while someone is still in law school while attempting to be an agent, however to assume that any team would turn their backs on any of their players during a time of need whether it be a death in the family, an injury, or in this case a problem of addiction is just beyond ignorant. In actuality all teams would be beyond supportive in assisting with a situation such as this.
Until this blogger (agent,entrepreneur,model, student, I have no idea what the actual title is these days) has to go through any real experiences with his clients that goes beyond making a pie chart and buying batting gloves at sports authority I will continue to doubt the legitimacy of anything he has to say. Last I checked this blogger,agent entrepreneur, model,student, was not a certified member of the players association and does not represent anyone in any of the four major sports. It is also important to note the complete lack of understanding the blogger has with regards to dealing with a crisis situation. I fear very much for his current client roster god forbid anything should happen to them. To blindly say that a players sole focus should be about playing games and his performance screams of ignorance. The most important thing this player should be worried about is fixing his life. The human being, the person is the only thing that matters in this situation. Only a greedy, ignorant and selfish "agent" would ever claim otherwise and if one were to suggest that baseball should be the top priority during a situation like this it obviously shows what that agents true motives would be. I am disturbed by this article since part of it is quite obviously a subtle shot at my representation, but most importantly a very biting criticism at my client who is currently dealing with a very very serious medical issue. If this is the kind of agent this blogger,entrepreneur,model wants to be that is his choice. I for one take the responsibility as an agent so seriously I actually did the work to get certified by the players association not to mention I would never blog about someone elses client much less that clients illness. To each their own.


Joshua Kusnick

Saturday, June 27, 2009

All In All Is All We Are

Its 437. Im waking up in 5 hours to go scout at the Tourny of stars in Cary NC. Yesterday was hell with regards to work and its going to get worse before it gets better. It's what I am here for the good and the bad. I never judge, thats not my place, I have a job and I will do it to the best of my abilities. I know I help. Times like this people find out who is really there for you.


Monday, June 22, 2009

I Tried Hard To Have A Father But Instead I Had A Dad

Most of our guys have signed since the draft. Several all star breaks are upon us. Im starting another group of trips which should be interesting. Im very tired. Im renaming the blog Im very tired since thats all I guess I can complain about these days. Going to lots of games spending time with clients, the usual. More of the same cant be all that bad really. Im listening to lots of Nirvana as usual. I get sad whenever I think about the fact that no music will touch me the rest of my life the way Nirvana did. So Ive been playing my guitar as inspired as ever. Maybe one day my songs will mean something to someone. Who knows, whats the point of it all anyway? Reading a great deal of the usual. Im somewhat set in my ways at this point anyway. Im tired but I am happy. Thats all that can be said.



Sunday, June 14, 2009

Battle For The Sun

Just got done with the draft and just got done with the first major showcase of 2009. The pg national was held in the metrodome this year and as always its a totally over rated occurance. Its only real purpose is to get your first firsthand looks at some of the top prospects you have yet to see in addition to making first contact. Anyone who uses the PG rankings as a genuine methodology of scouting is an idiot (no offense). It was long, lots of meetings as per usual mixed in with some preliminary draft talks but all in all it was somewhat good. It was assuradley better than last year.

Headed home now, going to North Carolina and Atlanta the next couple of weeks. Placebo has a new album which is cool and I finally cleaned up some of the 20 songs I recorded at home. Thats it for now


Sunday, June 7, 2009

When I Was An Alien Cultures Were Opinions

Going to Minny this week at a 2 am on tuesday so I can be on the ground to take calls for the draft. I have 4 kids this year and Im excited. As per usual cant wait til its over and done with.

Everyone is coming along slowly but surely health wise. It's been a headache of a year on that note and I cant wait til everyone is back at full strength. We had a guy get a quick call up last week which was nice but all too short. Tomorrow I head to the doctors with one of our long time guys who sadly is headed for TJ. He's going to come back stronger than ever, I know he'll be fine.

Going to games, going to all star games soon, and then going to more games. All in all its all the same.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If Things Ended Well They Wouldnt End

Draft is in a week or so, got a head start on 2010, then 2011 is here and before you know it it's 2012. One thing at a time. I recorded 20 songs this week which was a tremendous after hours project. Im quite proud I can play the guitar now and I am even more proud I can carry a tune. I hopefully can get a full band to record all the songs with me eventually. The draft is coming up, I have that all in a row. There are a limited amount of things you can do to prepare for the draft but you have to make sure you do absolutely everything so you have your bases covered (no pun intended). I have tons of work to do as per usual and the travel season starts again shortly. Players are getting healthy thank god and Ill have more trips to go on because there are naturally more things to do. I havent watched a second of the stanley cup finals and I cant believe Lebron lost. Hopefully Ill be writing more this month here but I dont know. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Polished Chrome

Busy day busy night. On the phone non stop doing draft work. Cant wait til thats over. Luke Montz is in the big leagues again. Chris Dennis hit 2 home runs last night and Gerry Rodriguez hit for the cycle. It was a good night. Also got a good call from the players association. Fun Fun.

I think I have reached a somewhat transitional point in my life/career. It's like since I hit 27 I have been more calm, more relaxed, and things seemed to have slowed to some extent. I can plan more easily and things do not rattle me nearly as much. I'm on the top of my game right now and barring something magically unforeseen nothing is going to slow this freight train down. Im on top of things, Im going in the right direction and hell I'm even using cliches! I like whats happening right now and nothing is substantially bothering me beyond the normal mundane occurrences that show up from time to time with this job. The players are happy and so am I. Nice that that could coincide.

Also, I hate McG for destroying the terminator franchise and I now love JJ Abrams for making a star trek movie worth watching. It was awesome. Never watch a movie made by someone named McG. Ever.

About freaking time


Monday, May 18, 2009

Aqua Seafoam Shame

Another week another batch of the unexpected. Finalizing everything for our four guys in the draft, making sure everyone in pro ball is in one piece. One player called up and sent down while one player makes his triumphant return from injury. Taylor Green hit a home run in his first AB of the year and Mike Brantley makes the catch of the year in Columbus. Casey Mulligan is averaging 18k per 9ip....Things are up and things are down. Very little to know down time as usual. Traveling soon.... draft is soon.... everything seems to come at you way too soon. It's okay, I dont mind, most of the time. Nothing else really to say right now. Nothing insightful or angry or even interesting. Im sure it will all be back soon.



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kept His Body Clean

It's been forever and a couple days since I last posted. On the non baseball related things of awesomeness that happened, I won a poker tournament which was odd. Saw The Wrestler. Good acting, good directing, couldnt careless about the story. 7/10 for me. Totally over rated.

Busy working, on the road again. Balancing the usual. Going to games, going to more games, planning trips to go to more games, hired an assistant, hiring an intern, scouting scouting scouting. In a hotel right now with no TV, bad AC, slow internet and no mini bar.

Thats it right now

Didnt want the blog to be totally silent



Sunday, May 3, 2009

That Stupid Club

27 Years
324 Months
9855 Days
236520 Hours
14191200 Minutes
851472000 Seconds

This is how long Ive been here. I made it to 27. It's alot less exciting than I thought it would be. I never once thought Id be celebrating my personal milestone in a hotel room by myself in Huntsville Alabama. Go figure? Who knows whats next? Who cares? 365 days til tomorrow



Top 27 songs of all time

1. Drain You- Nirvana
2. Needle In The Hay- Elliott Smith
3. Motion Picture Soundtrack- Radiohead
4. Holland 1945- Neutral Milk Hotel
5. Big Mouth Stikes Again- The Smiths
6. You and I (Could be so happy)- Jeff Buckley
7. All Apologies- Nirvana
8. Gimme The Loot- Notorious B.I.G.
9. Where Is My Mind- Pixies
10. Today- Smashing Pumpkins
11. Valerie Loves Me- Material Issue
12. Dissolved Girl- Massive Attack
13. These Days- Nico
14. East Hastings- Godspeed You! Black Emporer
15. Would?- Alice in Chains
16. Smack My Bitch Up- Prodigy
17. Coatcheck Dream Song- Bright Eyes
18. Kool Thing- Sonic Youth
19. I Love You Mary Jane- Cypress Hill
20. The National Anthem- Radiohead
21. Spin Spin Sugar- Sneaker Pimps
22. The World Has Turned- Weezer
23. Watcha Want- Beastie Boys
24. Where Is My Mind- Pixies
25. Drag- Placebo
26. Jesus Christ Pose- Soundgarden
27. Very Ape- Nirvana

Friday, May 1, 2009

Countdown To Oblivion

Countdown To Oblivion

Watched a client throw last night. A client who was being harrassed by a "big" agency. Big agency was asked to stop contacting said client. "big" agency said they would comply. "Big" agency showed up to said players game last night anyway and waited until said player was in the parking lot after a rough game to talk to him. He couldnt even do it in front of me. Good business but man, what a weak move. I would have loved to have met him. "Big" agent tried a guilt trip on the player. Player said sorry about it. And now its over for now. A player should never ever be made to feel bad for keeping the agent they already have. This agent is probably incredibly distressed about losing out on my guy and blowing this opportunity. This agent probably thinks this is temporary and that eventually he will prevail over someone like me. Keep taking me lightly. Keep assuming I am like everyone else. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep at it as long as you want. I am not losing players to "agents" like this guy ever again. I will not let it happen and I will do anything I have to in order to stop these thugs from their bully tactics. It's a dirty business but I will say one thing, Im not afraid anymore. Im not afraid and I promise that is not good news for everyone else.

Game Over


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jane, Go Back

I am always tired. The road does it to you. It's out of your bed and into your head all the time. You find ways to get past it though. Whatever it takes you know. Whether it be dedication or fear, there is always some driving force pushing me to be great. Thats all I think about and all I strive to do. I hate losing. To anyone at anything. Im hypercompetitive. Some could see it as a fault but I really dont. There is nothing wrong with a divine love of winning. I do not take losing well. Not at all. Ive been fighting my whole life with everything so why should this be any different? I beat another agent today for now. It felt good. It felt really good. He blew a save and I shut the door. It never ends. No time for celebrating though. On to tomorrow. Hopefully Ill see him in person to congratulate him for trying. I won this round. Good luck


Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweetness I Was Only Joking

In Tennessee. Thats it. Enjoy video.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

These Days

One week til I turn 27, one more week and I have officially lived as long as kurt cobain (minus a hundred or so days) Ive always been curious to what Id feel when I hit that point in my life. Not young, not really old, the transitional point of life so to speak. It's going to be interesting next week. Ill be seeing family, Ill be seeing friends, Ill be writing and Ill be working. It is what it is and its been a long time coming not nearly soon enough. On the road again tomorrow morning. Tennessee here I come.



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Only Wrote Tonight To Post This Video

I am solely writing this blog so I could post the attached video. I finalized my travel plans and am going to Orlando wed, back thursday, then sunday off to Chattanooga as earlier noted. The guys all seem to be doing exceedingly well. Brae Wrights rehab is going well, as is Taylor Greens. Chris Mobley should be back soon and Lorenzo Cain played in his first game of the season tonight.

Talking about hot starts, how about Trayvon Robinson?? My god he deserves it.

Ive been a bit under the weather lately and that has been a drag. I probably shouldnt be traveling as much as Ive been but you have a job and you have to do it no matter what. No excuses and only some complaints some of the time. It's not bad and it could be worse. Id probably enjoy alot more if this if I was feeling better but Im fortunate that im well enough to work.

Thats the line

Enjoy the greatest video Ive ever posted

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hold It In Your Gut

Just got back from Orlando. Saw team canada. It's a yearly occasion for me at this point. Booked a flight to TN tonight. Going to see Huntsville play in Chattanooga for 4 days. Looking fwd to being healthy. Being on the road you feel like you're accomplishing something instead of just sitting at a desk stuck on your phone. There is a general sense of worth watching your guys play. It's hard to explain.... or maybe im just really tired.

Interviewed with a couple of families and talked to scouts all weekend. Once again, looking fwd to the draft starting then ending.

Same as it ever was.



Friday, April 17, 2009

The Day The Whole World Went Away

Much to do. Much to say. Much to see. Much to think about. Much too much. Around Later to edit post. Will say that I noticed saved by the bell college movie 4 part disaster was on tbs this morning. Newsflash ted turner, nobody f'king cares about sbtb the college years much less a michael bay like abortion on film like a saved by the bell 2 hour wedding movie. Im a die hard of the show, and even I couldnt swallow that mess. Vikas, this post was for you.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You're Always Ahead Of The Pack

Its been insanely cold here in Indiana. Wet, cold, rainy. Last nights game should have been rained out. Had it been I could have seen Lebron James. Alas poor Yorick I knew him well........ The rain got so bad in the 6th inning the stadium emptied and the game didnt end til 1130 pm. During the 7th-9th innings the in stadium camera crews got so desperate to show fans on the jumbo tron the kept re-using the 6 people left in the crowd, tragically myself included. After the game, a couple of fans recognized me and were beyond nice. It never stops getting weird.... Ended up at a run down steak and shake after the game, came back to the hotel and checked the box scores and finally passed out.

Lorenzo Cain had his first in game action yesterday in Arizona. The plan is to get him 20 AB's before shipping off to Huntsville (so Ive heard). It was his birthday yesterday so obviously that was a pretty good present. Everyone is doing so well lately Im absolutely proud of everyone.

Woke up insanely early and watched 4 awesome episodes of Good Morning Miss Bliss while hammering away at my lap top. Good Morning Miss Bliss eventually became saved by the bell and now everyone reading this is substantially dumber for knowing that terrible fact.

Thats all, back home tomorrow.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

They Say That Ill Recover My Love Of Her Once In While But I Dont Know I Dont Think So

Been a bit under the weather lately, sorry for the slow start to the season on my blog. Im making my 1st road trip in about 5 hours.... headed to Indianapolis to see Mike Brantley for a few days. Im still somewhat sick (nothing contagious) but I have to keep on plugging or else somebody else will..... Everyone we have is off to a terrific start thus far thank god.

Taylor Green is massively ahead of schedule and hopefully will be back by the end of the month or early may at worst. Thats on the list of very good things to happen lately. Several players got endorsement deals with a batting glove company which was a nice bonus to start the year as well.

I know this is the start of the busy season. I fully embrace it because this is what I signed up for. Rain or shine, sickness or health I have a job to do. I embrace it because I would rather be doing this than anything else in the world. I have a tremendous responsibility to all my clients that trust me with their careers to give it my all 24 hours a day and thats what I intend to do. I'm ready

thats all today



Sunday, April 5, 2009

Three Chords And The Truth

Every generation has their icon. Mine was Kurt Cobain. It's been 15 fucking years already but every single second I hear his music I think back to when I was younger discovering Nirvana for the first time and how as soon as I heard them I knew instantly everything was different. Nothing has been the same ever since and I often wonder what my life would have been like had I not found Nirvana. I miss the man I never knew and I miss the music I never got to hear. They say every so often someone comes along and gives the world three chords and the truth.... See you in Nirvana Cobain. Mahalo

My essay from last april

Today is the 14 year anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death (Actually 4/5 but 4/8/94 is when his body was found) Here is a piece I wrote this year on Nirvana......

To me, Nirvana represented total artistic and creative freedom no matter what the cost. Kurt Cobain was able to achieve what millions of confused kids were never quite able to fully articulate. Kurt gave a voice and a face to an entire movement he himself was a part of. We were the jilted generation growing up with parents who grew up as hippies and ended up as corporate wall street frauds in federal prison. All the positive momentum of the 60's soon gave way to the gluttony and total failure of the 80's. When Nirvana first hit the scene it changed everything. It was okay to care, it was okay to be different, it was okay to be yourself, and most importantly it was okay to just exist. Life didn't have to have a purpose as long as you were just a good person. Kurt ended a generation of excess and he did his best to create positive change in the world. Women and Gay rights, musical and artistic freedom, everything the man did seemed to have a purpose. Although it seems totally evident now that Cobain himself did not appreciate his own gifts that he gave to the world, I will never forget the impact he made on my life. Cobain's art just made me feel more comfortable in my own skin. And although I am a complete corporate sellout like the people Cobain rallied against, I still can appreciate everything Nirvana and Cobain were. Nirvana and Kurt Cobain changed absolutely everything and I will always miss and lament the art and music Kurt never got to make because he left all of us way too soon.



What did it all

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sicker Than Sick

Back from the florida road trip. Hit Sarasota,Tampa,Clearwater and Ft Myers. I got food poisoning early saturday, somehow pulled it together to go to work at night, and have been sick since. Ill be fine im sure, theres work to be done after all. Im waking up early to make about 100 phone calls tomorrow then tuesday probably headed to Viera to see the nationals guys. Finished an indy league deal today for a much loved client who was tragically released yesterday. Thats never a fun part of the job but it's a necessary evil The indy leagues are not where affiliated players want to go if they can avoid it but.... but.. once there I will say it is usually a pleasant experience all things considered. Negotiating an indy league deal is not what any agent wants to be doing either rest assured but it is what it is.

Did another interview the other day. Im getting better. Really.

John Buccigross finally has his donruss/pannini card coming out in may. Thank god.

Hopefully something interesting happens tomorrow



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Im Not Living Im Just Killing Time

Traveling Traveling Traveling. Covering florida now. Clearwater,Tampa,Dunedin,Sarasota and Bradenton. Then Viera,Jupiter during the week. I did another interview on the great Michael Brantley the other night. Fighting to stay sane. Assuredly not letting my personal life seep into my day job. I hear so many things from so many people out there on the trail it can be difficult to figure out whose on my side and who isnt. Are there even sides???? Is it just one big mess? Is it just a game? Is it just a business? Is it both? Can it be both?? Lots of questions with not a ton of answers.... It's frustrating having so many people against me that dont even know me but it's just part of the process and at the end of the day either Ill still be there at the end of the showdown or I wont. Thats not the truth though. I know Ill be there at the end because I know how good of a job we do here. I know Im not like everyone else and there is a real market and appeal for what we do. I dont think that, I know it. Everyone else out there can keep up their indistinguishable act. It's tired. It's the same. It isnt me.



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Afraid I Can't Help This

Back from my 10 days in Arizona. We had a 3 pm flight from Phx to Atl sunday then of course our flight runs late, we miss the connected flight in ATL by about 5 minutes after sprinting from terminal B to terminal A. We rebooked our flight for 9 am monday at the airport then headed to a god aweful hotel in atl to kill 9 hours..... made the flight this morning and now I'm finally home.

The ten days in Arizona were ten days well spent. We saw everyone we have out there and met with guys every night we were there. Lots of good work got done, lots of meetings, lots of phone calls, and even some endorsements got finalized. It was a beautiful thing watching some of the guys we have play in big league games. The same guys that we have scouted since HS. I wish everyone could experience that part of this process. It's a sharp reminder on why we even work in this game to begin with.

I learned not everyone likes me in this game. Im not for everyone and that is fine by me. The guys who get me, well, they get me completely. The guys who dont get me will never get me and thats just the way things are.

It was an amazing watching JC Sulbaran, Kenley Jansen and Dennis Neumann play for the Netherlands in the WBC and beat the DR twice. What a great story and it couldnt happen to three better kids.

Thats about it. Back to work in florida.

So it goes.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lets Start This Off Without Any Words

Another crazy week in Arizona. Got to see Jeremy Jeffress pitch a 2 innings in a sim game today. 6 up 6 down with one shattered billy hall bat to top it off. He's going to be something special. Had dinner again with lots of the guys while periodically watching the WBC. We represent 3 kids on the dutch team that have really made a name for themselves this week. Kenley Jansen, Denis Neuman, and JC Sulbaran. It's been an exciting time for them and I cant wait to see how they do the rest of the tourny. Working the phones and the usual stuff as usual. Hopefully have time to post more later.

All in all


Monday, March 9, 2009

You Think You Can Just Steal From Me And Get Away With It? Yeah.

Since I started this blog about a year ago I have gotten all sorts of feedback from both ends of the spectrum. Some people love what I am doing here and other people well.... not so much. Professionally I have always taken criticism for doing this blog but the vast majority of people warning me of the potential dangers here are missing the true aim of what Im doing here. This isnt a marketing tool and it isnt a gimmick. This is just a stream of consciousness that helps me keep sane in a tremendously insane industry. It's so hard to make sense of all the evil people in this industry it could become easy to fall victim to the ills of this career. I think if anything writing here has kept me tremendously grounded. I have absolutely nothing to apologize here for and I have absolutely nothing to hide. The jokes, the pop culture, the obscurity, everything here is exactly who I am. I am not good at pretending to be something I am not so I completely gave up on that years ago. Many years ago.
Years ago I did everything the "normal" way. I tried it to the very best of my capabilities and failed completely. My best players fired me and I wasnt going anywhere. You know why? Because I wasnt myself. Players know when you arent being sincere and sincerity is what I believe helps separate me from the rest of the bunch out there. One of that bunch evidently is a fan of my blog, so much so that he took the time to read all 100 or so blog entries that I have posted. I am beyond thrilled and honored such a prestigious member of my profession would take such a rabid interest in my career so much so that he would forgo spending time working for his own clients in order to not only read about little old Joshua Kusnick but to email me personally as well! Now to be fair, I knew this person was a fan far earlier than this since he has called me on several occasions but to have this revolutionary figure take the time to learn all about me.... to be honest Im just honored he even knows my name. He's such an inspiration to me I cant do anything but hope to follow in his giant footsteps. Forever in debt to your priceless advice.
Still in Arizona, long day and long night but rewarding on both ends. Had dinner with Trayvon Robinson, Josh Bell, Omar Aguilar and had really great conversations with TJ Warren, Mike Durant and Zach Kroenke the latter 3 being in florida. Got to watch a couple of our other guys throw in big league games today and I am headed to a bunch more games tomorrow. This is the life I have chosen.

Come as you are


Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Day Just Breathe

12 hours until Im up in the air and headed to arizona for 9 long and exciting days of work. Lots of baseball, lots of talking, some fighting I would imagine, and hopefully some fun. ST is honestly the best part of the year because I actually get to see everyone in one place at one time as opposed to globe trotting during the year seeing maybe 2 or 3 guys at a time. Its going to be a good week I would imagine.

Watched a high school game last night, spent tons of time with scouts and family members alike. I have another one to attend tonight which is literally just going to be much more of the same. It is what it is and if I dont do it someone else will and that is a very very dangerous thing.

Might see the watchmen tonight if I get any time after the game. I also finished packing 2 fucking suitcases full of stuff for the trip. I have 10 dress shirts and 9 ties from express and I swear I will be the most colorful person out in Arizona.

Ceamr Odse Nto Exits

Thursday, March 5, 2009

You Better Look Out For The Looking Glass Girl Cause She's Gonna Take You For A Fall

Headed to ft lauderdale stadium to see Carlos and Kroenke throw. Zach pitched in a WBC game the other day, walked a guy gave up a run, nothing too extensive. JC Sulbaran tossed 2 scoreless against the reds in his first WBC appearance while Dennis Neumann pitched a scoreless inning the other day for the dutch team. The WBC is a great experience for the guys involved but one of the minor things that gets overlooked is the openings it creates for other guys not in the WBC. Lorenzo Cain was added to big league camp yesterday because a couple of players were hurt/in the wbc. So thank god for that.

Went to a juco game about 50 miles from my office yesterday. The drive was horrible, the game was horrible and the weather was horrible. The game couldnt end fast enough then in I believe the 5th inning mild validation was substantiated when the guy I came to see homered. Got to talk to him after the game for a second, so hopefully that goes well. The draft is only 3 months away, go figure.

Off to Arizona 4 am saturday. The flight is going to suck, packing sucks, leaving my friends and family behind sucks but at the same time there is nothing that I love more than actually going out and working in the field especially in Arizona. I grew up in Florida so while Im working in florida it still kind of feels like home. Arizona actually feels like work, which isnt really a bad thing.

Peace Love Empathy


Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Is Here Again, Reproductive Glands

Spring training is in full effect. Have several players in big league camp, Clevenger,Brantley,Browning,Pena,Kroenke,Martinez,Montz,Aguilar,Periard to name several, while other guys like Cain and Brewer have gotten the proverbial cup of coffee. Its an exciting time of year where I work like hell but at least in the mean time I get some sense of accomplishment. I get to see the fruits of my labor up close and personal all at once. Its almost as if I go into sensory overload this time of year but that can be a very good thing. I feel productive and I am productive. Its a good feeling. Other agents call my players with clockwork regularity but thankfully we've got a good enough program going here that nobody has left. We've even signed a couple of new guys (Blake Billings as earlier noted and Robert Lara of the padres) which is very exciting. We have really been selective on who we have added the last couple of years but we really believe in the new players we have landed or we wouldnt have agreed to represent them. The funny thing is that both players actually found us which was a nice change.

Personal life is as chaotic as ever. Nasty breakups are never fun but god, sweet god, am I happy (actually happy) to be single. Really. Really Really. Really Really Really.

Brent Brewer homered in his big league game which goes to show how much hard work and dedication can actually pay off. Brent is going to have a huge year.

Now that top chef is over I am totally addicted to Nip/Tuck (aside from conchords and eastbound and down) Soon there will literally be no time for tv which is same as it ever was for me.

Sorry for the few days off leaving for Arizona in a few days



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Make Me Perfect

Its 430 in the morning and if you couldnt tell I dont care much for night sleep. I have to work during the day, so thats not a real option either. Ive been reading non stop, I guess anxious about today, the first real day of spring. Games start, players play, guys get cut, guys win out, etc.... Im happy to be doing something Im good at. I hopefully will have more to add later today if I can ever get to sleep then get up for the game. But as an aside, im awake at 431 am.
Enjoy this freaking amazing song.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Dont Confront Me With My Failures, I Have Not Forgotten Them

In draft mode as usual this time of year, walking that tight rope between proball and the draft. Its a thin line between happiness and death. Either Im going to get paid or Im not and either im going to get fired or Im not. It is what it is. Im excited for tomorrow, headed to Jupiter to watch the marlins first ST game of the year. Kroenke+Martinez will be there so Ill have a good time in the bullpen I suppose.

Watched my HS play last night. They're not as strong as they were last year but they're getting there. Also watched flight of the conchords last night. It really is the best show on TV. Even better than my precious top chef.

Been playing the guitar every second I get while home, writing some really interesting things and my singing voice is coming along which is really out of character. It's nice

Feeling good overall, lots of work to be done, hands to be shook, and people to blame. Im ready.


ps, blake billings had a great interview on the brewcrewball website, you guys should check it out



Friday, February 20, 2009

I Figured You Out

One of the hardest things about being in the profession that I have chosen to be in is the fact at any given point in time you will be known. I have always been painfully embarassed about any level of recognition I have received professionally. I love the idea that I can go in and do my job and that it. No accolades, no prestiege, just do your freaking job and go home. The players sign autographs, the players become famous, and the agent just goes home to watch the simpsons, top chef or whatever the hell else is on TV. I have never once in my career looked upon something I have done as transcendent. I have never felt special or unique. I just do my job and go home. Lately, especially during spring training more and more fans have recognized me and I have felt a high degree of embarrassment. I am beyond honored for all the support everyone has given me but again to be honest, I am totally embarrassed by it. For whatever it's worth to anyone reading this, thank you.

If this blog is a stream of consciousness then I may as well continue to be honest. I ended my long distance relationship today. There is only so much one man is equipped to deal with and for me at the very least lying isnt one of the things I handle well. I dont ask for much but I would at least hope for the truth. Once that trust has been breached its gone forever and as tragic as it may seem, it can never ever be reclaimed. I was unbelievably crazy about my girlfriend, but it's finally over for good. God willing its for the best.

Had a night out on the town tonight to help get me in better spirits. It didnt work but I totally appreciate the efforts of my awesome roommate and dear friends that came out. I have work in the morning and soon Im off to Arizona. No matter what I bitch about at the end of the day I really do love my job

Peace Love Empathy


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leave A Blanket Of Ash On The Ground

This one "man" parading around as an "agent" here in florida is a constant source of entertainment for me. One of the most important things with regard to being an agent is picking one sport and sticking with it. This "Genius" thinks its a great idea to do every sport on earth/modeling/etc..... You have to be able to identify talent when you're an agent. Im not talking about using a magazine or a list, you have to be able to go to a game and say, that kid right there is going to be a real something one day. You have to do it all by yourself because nobody who knows how to do that will ever do it for you. This "agent" thought it would be a great idea to text me and ask me how good a certain player was the other day because he thinks for some unexplainable reason that we're "friends". I had gotten amazingly positive reviews on this player and had been in contact with him much earlier in the year and was trying my hardest to budget some money for him so I could go ahead and sign him. We cleared up our budget literally a week ago and signed two players and I was all ready to get things going with this player that this "agent" had asked me about before this "agent" had even texted me. This proves my lesson of the year. If you're an agent, dont be friends with other agents. Im signing this kid and I couldnt care less what happens to the other guy but he's going to take this all personal (which it partially is because he's a moron and has an ego even larger than mine but with far less substance). If we're competing and you're up against me, Im going to win. I hate losing and I am most definitely not losing to a total shell of an agent. Guys like him do the business a disservice and worst of all he's only doing this job to become famous and most likely because he's a fan. I love fans, but if you're in this business it's a luxury that isnt afforded to you. The game is black and white and the sides are clearly divided. Us against them and we are going to take that money any way possible. It's cold and it's dark but it's the reality of what really happens. I wish more fans became agents like this joker. It would make my job far easier.

Im Worse At What I Do Best

An absolutely insane amount of work going on lately. No time for anything else at all. Had dinner with a big group of guys last night down in Jupiter. Expensive but very entertaining.

Luis Pena was claimed off waivers by the Mariners and is still on the 40 man. I worked hard for Luis this week and it was nice to see all the efforts pay off. Doesnt hurt that Jack Z is in Seattle but I still would love to believe I had something to do with him ending up there.

Meeting with prospective draft guys this week. God freaking bless the Andy Oliver case.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Earth Turned to Bring Us Closer

The Earth Turned to Bring Us Closer

The earth turned to bring us closer,it spun on itself and within us,and finally joined us together in this dreamas written in the Symposium. Nights passed by, snowfalls and solstices;time passed in minutes and millennia.An ox cart that was on its way to Nineveharrived in Nebraska.A rooster was singing some distance from the world,in one of the thousand pre-lives of our fathers.The earth was spinning with its musiccarrying us on board;it didn't stop turning a single momentas if so much love, so much that's miraculouswas only an adagio written long agoin the Symposium's score.