Sunday, April 8, 2012

Goodbye My Friend Its Hard To Die

So once again I've gone on another hiatus. I made it through spring training in one piece. I still have all my clients I kinda have my health and I have a girlfriend. All good things. For the vast majority of my life Ive had my career in order and my personal life in shambles yet for the first time in forever its the opposite which is nice but eventually I would love for both to be on the same level. Obviously I made it a point to write again today because it is the 18th anniversary of the discovery of Kurt Cobains body in the greenhouse in his Seattle home. Kurt shot himself april 5th 1994 but was not found until three days later. Ive posted every year on 4/5 or 4/8 to talk about kurt but Ill be very brief. The older I get the further removed I become from my childhood and the further removed I become from those early days of finding Nirvana. Kurt Cobain and his music put my life on a path that I never would have found had it not been for him. It was okay to be different it was okay to ask questions and it was okay not to fall in line. Being different was cool and from the time i first saw nirvana at bayfront park in 1993 til now I have always made it a point to question everything, always be different, and always do my best to stay true to myself. I owe a lot to Nirvana and I will always lament the music Kurt never got to make. Heres to the musician that changed my life, three chords and the truth. Mahalo


Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Disappear Completely

I feel like writing again after a long hiatus. I have had a ton of things happen and I havent had any outlets to get stuff out. I have a lot going on and a lot of ideas. I have my health issues and my family has had its share of problems as well. Its hard dealing with very private issues so publicly. I hate it and I wish so much of it would just go away. I'm happy to be as relevant as ever in my profession since that means all my clients are playing well. I've had to deal with a lot of jealousy from other agents in my age bracket since the majority of them are struggling to stay afloat while I keep on trucking. It's a lot easier to write about being an agent than actually being one, just ask the players which they would prefer, a guy willing to grind it out and do all the leg work or someone who just talks about the moral high ground in lieu of actually doing any actual work. There are a ton of frauds at the bottom of the industry but once you get past that you get the sharks at the top. I'm just trying to stay afloat a little bit longer since I am almost at the finish line. I am so thankful I have my clients in my life because without those relationships I would have no one right now outside of a few family members and a couple of good friends. I love these guys for everything they have allowed me to do with my life and I am so thankful I can still get up each morning to do this job. Maybe I'll disappear completely again after this post, maybe Ill write again tomorrow. I dont know anymore. All I know is that this is going to be a special year for me professionally and if I could just get the personal life on par with the career Ill have accomplished everything Ive ever wanted to do and that is all anyone could ever ask for, my health be damned.