Saturday, August 29, 2009

And I'm Feeling Very Sick And Ill Today

Another day in paradise. 3rd state in 5 days. Im in LA this time. Im exhausted. I think Ive finally gone beyond exhaustion. Oh well. Okay. Im watching games, meeting families, and doing good work. Hard work. Work nobody else wants to do. So, here I am and in demand.

Ive been reading a great deal lately. Lots of interesting things from the Higgs Boson particle and String Theory to why Quantum Mechanics is a flawed premise. Also some cool stuff on why John Hughes was hollywoods answer to JD Salinger.

Listening to the Smiths alot which never gets old. 10 games to go then I can go home. Then the fall league. We have 9 guys going. Guess who?

Mahalo J

Friday, August 21, 2009

Never Too Soon

I just saw the new Tarantino movie. As a Jew I must say, about freaking time.

It's 3 am and Im packing. Im going to Bowie at 9 am.

I just wanted to drop a line here. I dont have anything all that substantial to say here. So here is one of my favorite poems ever.

"point a didn't work out so he moved on to point b which was where everybody was hanging out anyways. at first there was a lot of talk about point c and some speculation about d and points after that. but as time went by at point b, this kind of talk made everybody annoyed. i mean, point a hadn't worked out for anyone except for a couple of folks in the past and they just proceeded immediately to point c, supposedly. actually, for most people at point b, if you could gain their confidence, they'd privately voice great doubts a's existence. and the more time that passed at point b, the more suspect even the idea of point a became, not just for us but really for anyone, including those people who left. so we trashed point a because it worked great wonders for us in consoling ourselves about the fact that point b had begun to look increasingly like a permanent home for us. still, there were a few dreamer-types around who refused to come (?) to point b and suddenly insisted on a's possibility as well as c, d, e and on out to z.
but this made everybody feel bad, you know, like they were lacking or failing, so it was tacitly agreed upon that these people were just crazy and since they wouldn't pledge their allegiance to point b it was hard to accommodate them. but some use was eventually made of them, which didn't pay well but seemed to appease them and amuse the rest of us for a while until both of them developed debilitating addictions and died off. then we were sad but not overly so and not for too long because it was these addictions that did them in, not point b or us. i mean, christ, we gave them what they wanted, which was condescending applause for their little dances and songs, pictures and skits, humorous memoirs filled with melodramatic and ridiculous nonsense all about points a and c, which, come on, is useless if you live in the real world. shit! i cant get anything done anyways because people always call me on the telephone saying, "we love you jesse, we love you joseph, we love you helmut, we love you drako, we love you tricky dick, we love you vaughn, ron and even dan even though you cant spell for shit. we don't love you despite the fact that you have no ambition but because you don't and we don't either." i can barely keep my own campaign going with all the freaks and distractions of point b, much less drum up some interest in other people's crap about other places. you cant live in a castle made of sand unless its got a sand bank that dispenses actual paper currency. i mean, the point is we live here in the middle of point b so get with the fucking program. sure, you might ask, "what is the program?" and i wouldn't really be able to tell you but i will really be able to run it. and that's good enough for me because that's the way things are. point a, point c, point d, t, o, m, a, t, o, e - tomatoe"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wall Of Ice

You're welcome.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Got away for some modicum of time today and got to spend 2 hours each at Disney,Mgm and epcot. Epcot was brutal, Disney was okay, and MGM is still my favorite by far. My favorite place on earth is the Brown Derby there. Awesome

Driving home in about 20 minutes. It's pouring. Close to some big things work wise. Almost finished and all that plugging away will have paid off.



Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm The Hero Of The Story I Dont Need To Be Saved. No Ones Got It All

I am in Orlando right now. Taking calls. Doing work. Had a real life date last night for the first time in a while. Dinner and a movie. It was nice to escape for a few hours. Gearing up for winter ball. So far have 5 guys going to the fall league. Looks like Ill be out there for a week again. Spending lots of time doing endorsement work which is fantastic.

Got some emails from people asking for autographs from some of our players. Id send stuff out if I could but we dont keep stuff in the office. Your best bet is to try the players via the stadium. Unless anyone wants my autograph which would be a very very hilarious and terrible idea.

Working on my guitar skills. Must join band before I turn 30.

Thats it


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Please,Please,Please Let Me Have My Way

I have no idea who is still reading all this but to anyone who is still here (beyond the agents spying on me) thank you. Went to Jupiter the other day to watch a game in which I had no clients playing. I just wanted the opportunity to get back to my roots and scout. It was enjoyable. For the first time in a long time I just watched a game without any intention of selling something. It was refreshing.

Everyone go see 500 Days of Summer. Awesome movie. Not Eternal Sunshine good but still..... Booking my west coast swing today. Cant wait until I get to LA.

My best always


Friday, August 7, 2009

The Cemeteries Of The World Are Full Of Indispensable Men

There was a ton of positive publicity this week thanks to the tremendously awesome article Baseball Prospectus posted regarding the Josh Bell trade. LINK

Also a nice mention of Trayvon Robinson which was a nice touch. Trayvon has had a tremendous year so its nice to see some of the hardwork rewarded.

Rough week personally. I had to put down my 1 year old cat snowball who passed away due to FIP disorder. I am a huge animal lover so this was devastating. He was a great cat, so to anyone with an animal out there reading this, go give your pet a hug right now.

Works the same, planning out the stretch run, making my westcoast swing this month so that should be good. Watching VH1 right now and for some ungodly reason Creed is on TV again and for some even more ungodly reasons that are unknown to me they're playing on stage again. WHY? Who really missed creed? I was happy when they disbanded and honestly who though history would be more kind to Fred Durst over Scott Stapp?



Some good music

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Jokes Go Down So The Bass Goes Up

I figured I go different this blog. Ill tell a story.

When I was back in college at fsu during the fall of 2005 I had serious aspirations of doing standup comedy. There is a club at FSU called club down under that played some awesome indy music shows (bright eyes, sea and cake, of montreal etc..) but most importantly every few weeks they had an open mic competition for people wanting to try standup comedy. And at some of the shows they actually had a real comic there and a group of college kids opening. Zach Galifinakas was there once, Patton Oswald, and most importantly, Mitch Hedberg. I had the tremendous experience of performing that night in addition to watching a totally sold out show after I was done. Mitch was totally out of it that night. He was forgetting jokes, the audience had to finish several of them for him , he was slurring his words, and most horrifically at the end he actually collapsed off the stage. Everyone honestly thought he died. He got up, told some more jokes, then left. My roommate and I ran to the exit after the show to meet mitch and his wife Lynn. It was raining, but the two of them were awesome. Mitch signed a baseball, two cd's and a picture for me. He told me eventually he'd probably write a joke about the ball one day. He invited us to hangout at his hotel after the show but I declined. Instantly regretting that I went back to the hotel about an hour later, left him a note at the front desk with my cell phone number and left. The next morning I got a phone call at 9 am on a Saturday. I didn't pick up the call, but it was him. My idol was calling me and I didn't pick up the damn phone. That's probably going to bother me the rest of my life. The guy was a genius and I cant think of a sadder moment during my college experience than finding out Mitch passed away due to a drug overdose in 2006. I hadn't felt that upset about a celebrity passing since Kurt Cobain. Mitch comedically will always be a hero to me and I am beyond thankful I had the opportunity to tell him in person that he was the reason I had the balls to do stand up comedy. Remember "When the jokes go down, the bass goes up" Mahalo J

Me on stage at FSU

Myself with Mitch after the show.