Monday, July 28, 2008

All Of Life Is A Foreign Country.

Took me seven hours to get to San Jose yesterday. I have nothing against seeing America. I have nothing against traveling, but I swear, as much as I absolutely loathe airports, Atlanta's will always have a special place in my heart. I hate the underground terminal bus, I hate then 5 terminals, I hate the pay for play wi-fi, I hate the restaurants, and I especially hate the international terminal and the thirteen mile security checkpoint. It can't be this hard in this day in age to screen people. My god....

Spent all of today catching up with some paper work. I accidentally booked my flight a day before SJ came back home so I was locked in my hotel doing work, making calls, watching Dark Knight clips and listening to Nirvana. Once again I finalized another baseball card deal and my father got one of our guys a job playing winter ball in puerto rico. It's a long process landing guys winter ball jobs, but my father nailed he. He got said player a free apt, free car, and a massive salary. Well done.

Still doing 08 draft work for the two holdouts we're advising. At least we'll know one way or the other aug. 15th. I am also going to the east coast pro showcase next week. The best of the best are usually there so hopefully all goes well and I find somebody worthwhile for the 09 draft. We never try to land too many guys in the draft each year just because of how time consuming that process is. The real money is in the big leagues, so any agent trying to make a fortune out of the draft wont be an agent real long.

Thats about it today. Seeing Darren Ford tomorrow and tuesday then back home wed. At least Ill miss Atlanta on the way back.



Thursday, July 24, 2008

And As I Climb Into An Empty Bed Oh Well Enough Said

Just got home at 2:38 in the morning from a game in Jupiter today. Watched Brevard play for the first time since Lorenzo Cain was promoted and Darren Ford was traded. I had dinner with Stephen Chapman and Taylor Green, Brent Brewer couldnt go because his mother was in town. I also go to see stephen Chapmans' parents which is always nice.

Working hard right now on some interesting draft stuff. If it works, it will reshape the way things are. If it doesnt.... well it's worthless and things stay the same.

Got a call at 3 am from a phillies prospect who we represent last night. We just recently signed him and he wanted to see for himself if I really would answer on the first ring. Well I did and I guess I still have my job. Awesome.

One client was involved in that massive brawl tonight, still waiting to hear from him and what his role was there. Sean Danielson hit a bomb today which is always awesome. Nick Francis got promoted and is playing great this year. I am so proud of him especially after all he has overcome in his life. He is one to root for, thats for sure.

Also finished off a couple more autograph deals. Im on fire this year off the field.

Thats it. Off to san jose saturday, orlando friday, brevard sunday, then home monday. I need a vacation.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So I Wait For Confirmation That You're Never Gonna Use Your Starting Gun

I finally just got home at 4:15 in the morning. Had dinner with clients that were in town, me a couple of parents, and kept the phone on call as per usual the whole night. Dealing with international UFA related business and again as usual following up with the regular work stuff. Finished another autograph deal today, thats like 30 on the year which shatters my old record and I still have several months to go. In talks with an autograph company in hopes of having them sell off all of our players game used equipment and lastly booking my flgiht to go see Darren Ford out in California.

Darren is with a host family out in SJ which should be good for him since it will likely help him get adjusted out there. I know his teammates he left behind in Brevard (and all over the MIL org) miss him very much but at least he knows that the group of guys he grew to accept as family werent just fair weather friends. That has to be rewarding for him.

There is a reason I go to bed at 4 am each day and it isnt for anything howard hughesish...... I always want my guys to know, no matter where they are, especially the west coast guys, that they can call me when their games are over just to talk. I never want them to feel like it's a huge imposition on my life style and I never want them to feel like they're bothering me either. I just try to do my job the way I think my job should be to the very best of my abilities each and everyday. Off to some more games tomorrow followed by a flood of phone calls, a dash of emails, a slow crawl into bed and if my brain permits another rant.



Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Interest Is In the Future Because I Am Going To Spend The Rest Of My Life There

Today was another busy day on the trail. Once again another one of my prospects was involved in a major league trade. Ray Durham was traded to the brewers today for a pitching prospect and my client Darren Ford. I know Darren is going to a situation that is potentially better for his career but it doesnt make it any less jarring for him. The relationships he has built with his teammates over the last few years are priceless and hopefully last a lifetime. Not to mention that the Brewers are the team that gave Darren his first opportunity to play professional baseball. I know he will always be thankful that the Brewers gave him his chance.

I remember when I was first scouting Darren at Chipola JC while he was under control of the Brewers. They were playing TCC who had a raw leadoff hitter/centerfielder named Lorenzo Cain. At the time, the two had very similar games, however Darrens speed game couldnt be matched by anyone (and still cant in my opinion) The two were bitter rivals in college but after signing the two became the very best of friends in pro ball. It is going to be very strange not having that pair together anymore, and I know it is going to be hard at first for both of them. Thankfully Darren will still have ST in Arizona and of course there is the offseason. Their friendship has transcended baseball and I know both will be close for a very long time. When a player is traded for the first time it really reaffirms that this game is in fact a business and very far away from the sandlot games of childhood. Darren is excited about this opportunity and I know he will do everything in his power to take full advantage of it. I cant wait.



Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go And Youll Go Real Far Just Past The Big Quasar Cant Hitch A Meteorite Into The white

Hold your breath and count to ten just fall apart and start again. It has become a process more than anything at this point. It's a highly regimented chaos that mixes equal parts anger and drive. The animosity fuels everything while the general contempt completes it. For as unique and specialized this all is, it is still just a process. A plan for almost everything for any given situation. What better way to do things??

I do not think I could work in a work doing something more traditional but enough about that. The usual arrived early this week. Hit the road, go to games, go to a chain eatery and go to bed. Wake up 7 times, fall asleep 7 times, then repeat. It's such a hard feeling to describe. Exhausted isnt the word because Im not tired of working, but maybe Im just happy.

Close to landing a big leaguer to be named later and signed a couple of minor league all stars to be named later. Watched a AAA client throw 100 mph on ESPN then give up a bomb. It happens, as everyone readily knows it's just a game of failure, thats all. Nothing personal

Saw Dark Knight yesterday. Flawless and tragic. I wont even comment. Just brilliant

I have also had a tremendously good laugh about the low level of relevancy this blog enjoyed last week. How anyone could treat this as a baseball tool is beyond me. I had been sent a few links by friends/clients that actually had people mentioning me and the blog. I cant believe anyone cares, this setup here is only a play by play and to be honest not that interesting. Im sure I come off as some kind of adjective out there but I am not writing here to win a Pulitzer or find jimmy hoffa. This place allows me an opportunity to continue writing. I do write for myself because I enjoy doing so, however at the same time I suppose at least 3 of you out there read this so I should keep it consistent I guess. I have always prided myself on being able to just throwing myself out there and then just sit back and wait to see what happens. Good or bad, it's what I am most comfortable with. I grew up during the internet generation so I have always figured there could be someway to tie messageboards/blogs/tv etc.... to baseball. It's your basic viral marketing campaign but none of it is disingenuous. Everything I have said is exactly how I think things should be, so there isnt a lot of pretension (at least I hope not). I am still unsure how I am going to move forward with the blog for now. Everyone in the media that I am close with think I should stop since this blog could only hurt me. However, at the same time, at it's core, it's just me venting. Just like the fans who vented on several message boards about me (which I have to say was absolutely awesome, so thank you) I am now painfully aware of the downsides more than ever. So with that being the case I have pressed on doing my own thing on my own terms. If I had to do this any differently I wouldnt do it at all.

Thats it for the ranting again, now back to work.


All in all I lift cement

Friday, July 11, 2008

They Want You Or They Dont, Say Yes.

So it's 2 am and im another random double tree or quadrouple tree hotel in another nameless city (DC) and im not even in a state this time. Im going home in the morning then packing my bags for North Carolina for the lovely Southern League all star game. I had a great dinner meeting with a nameless major leaguer, his mom, and his brother tonight. The meeting went well and I might get hired so we'll see.

Luis Pena got named to the PCL all star game thats going to be on ESPN2. Good for him, he deserves it and has been pitching brilliantly this season. He's only a phone call away from MIL.

Still dealing with a certain team regarding a certain draft pick. I certainly dont think the certain team is signing the certain player. I hope im wrong.

I really love playing the guitar. I also love singing and writing my own music. I also know that even though I seem to be able to write catchy hooks I will never be a good singer. I miss Nirvana.

Light night, no trades, watched games, checked box scores, called the guys and am on the road.

All in all I lift cement



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Forever In Debt To Your Priceless Advice

Im in Georgia today, got here yesterday and am leaving in about 15 hours. We're representing a top Vz pitcher 16 year old free agent Alving Mejias. He throws in about 7 hours then Ill have about a month to sell him off to the highest bidder. Is there anything more American than that? God bless free agency.

Still dealing with the blow back from the PTBNL fiasco. Still waiting, still like the rest of you, still dont know anything for certain. It's something every agent I would imagine has to come to accept that in reality, you can only control so much, but in the end, the teams still do what they want. It's their business and their absolute right to do so, but it doesnt make it any easier to live with on a human level.

Ive done a great deal of interviews this week which has been a bit of a surprise. This blog even got quoted at one point which was kind of a reality check for me. It's nice I havent said anything too stupid on here and all my work to keep things clean for the most part have paid off. Anything I can do to help the players get their name out there more is good for everyone. That is not the only reason I write here though. I obviously do a lot of this for myself. I love to write, always have, and yet when I left school I never had a reason to keep doing it. This allows me to continue a love of mine and I will never take that forgranted. People can use this as a source but it's always going to be easier to call me. It is what it is I suppose.

Also dealing with some "professionalism" questions this week. You know what I have to say to all that? Fine. It's 2008 and everyone has a way of running their business and doing their job. Ive seen other agents. I dont want to become what they are. I dont want to lose the human element of my career. I choose to be the way I am, completely out there, and totally accessible. Other agents can say they do things a certain way or claim they want to start an agency that is like a family but 99.9 percent of the time its total BS. I know how deep I get into my players lives and I wouldnt change a thing. Ive been fired before and Ive cried over losing a player before and it had absolutely nothnig to do with the money. When you lose a client in this business and you care about the player and the family as much as I do you should be upset over it. Time heals everything and you learn from each experience obviously but the hurt never goes away because in some small way it's still a reflection of you as a person. And to blindly steal again from someone much more poetic than I could ever dream to be, the great elliott smith, who I previously quoted in this blog.....

"but they can't be people
not if I'm one
if i have to be like them
i'd rather be no one"

Thats what I think about other "professionals" in this business. Not everyone wants to be Jerry Maguire or Bob Sugar. I am totally comfortable being me and I wouldnt change it for the world.

All in all I lift cement



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And This I Know His Teeth Is White As Snow

Today was normal. Today was fine. Today is everyday thats on my mind.

Normal day of work but the downside of any normal day in this business is that it always comes with a darkside twist. Made phone calls, did endorsement bs, listened to games, talked to clients, checked box scores, talked to more clients all in preparation for my inevitable doom that is coming this week. Tomorrow I am going to georgia, thursday I come home, friday I go to DC saturday I come home and sunday I go to north carolina and monday I come home. Nice life. It's going to be insane since I hate flying but its better than anything else I have going on.

Lots of trade questions still out there. I issued this today so whoever feels the need to use it go for it.......

"As of right now both Taylor Green and Michael Brantley are both members of the Milwaukee Brewers organization and could not be happier with their respective situations. Michael and Taylor are both working very hard to achieve their lifelong goal of reaching the major leagues and will do everything the Milwaukee Brewers ask of them. There have been many rumors circulating lately that both players could be involved in the CC Sabathia/Matt Laporta trade. As of right now, nobody from either organization has contacted Michael or Taylor with regard to that transaction and until we hear otherwise both will continue to work as hard as possible for the Milwaukee Brewers. Michael is very much looking forward to playing in the Southern League All Star game this weekend while Taylor looks to build upon his strong first half in the Florida State League.

Thank You


Joshua A. Kusnick'

We're still in limbo but whatever happens we will deal.

Im off to Georgia

All in all I lift cement



Mixing it up today.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Things Have Never Been So Swell And I Have Failed to Feel Pain, You Know You're Right

Well, as predicted last night has bleed into today. When it bleeds it pours. It's the reddest of seas and it is really bothersome. Just once can't a day be easy???? If it was easy everyone would do it. The hard parts tend to be the best but they are still bothersome none the less.

I have heard 500 rumors involving 500 players and anything I thought I knew before doesn't seem so relevant right about now. As things stand now, I can no longer be 100percent sure Mike Brantley is off the table with regard to the PTBNL in the CC Sabathia trade. I was certain he was off the table but sadly the information I relied upon seems to have turned out to be bogus, which is not the fault of my source. It is just the way the business is. Things are influx until they are final, everything is static, everything can fall apart at any time. As things stand right now it is my understanding that the Indians have two deadlines in which to select one of two players (Michael Brantley and Taylor Green). If this ends up being the case it would defy all logic I have established in my own head. I have never seen a trade in which a couple of tradable assets remain in play for a prolonged period of time. I could understand if it was a newly drafted player who could not be traded but I suppose now armed with this new information that the Indians need more time to scout both players and the Brewers were more than accommodating which is understandable. I feel bad for the players for not knowing their fates but it is a valuable lesson for them that should serve them well during their hopefully long careers. No matter how you cut it this is a bottom lines business that transcends the childhood love of the game. It's sad but it's true.

On an unrelated note I am still waiting for our last kid we are advising to sign. Negotiations are on going no real news there.

I also am going to the Southern League all star game to see Patrick Ryan, Chris Mobley and MAYBE Michael Brantley. All star games are always a great time so if anyone is there feel free to hit me up.

All in all I lift cement



Sunday, July 6, 2008

Without You I'm Nothing

This was without a doubt one of the most annoying and frustrating days I have ever had in my entire career. The sad part is, if the word sad is even applicable here, is that this day is going to drag into tomorrow and possibly even longer. I literally spent the whole F**king day on the phone from 10 am until now (11:45 pm). I have talked to every media outlet alive and probably was the primary source on many stories I havent even read. I am beyond annoyed but whatever life goes on. This has gone on all weekend to. For those not in the know, the Brewers evidently have traded for CC Sabathia and have included 3 or 4 prospects depending on who you ask. I knew about all this on thursday and heard rumors that a few of my clients could be involved in the trade. Lorenzo Cain, who I thought was going to get traded ended up getting promoted. That happened pretty early today so his suspense ended some 7 hours ago. The next client I thought could get dealt was Michael Brantley, but I was told by good sources that I trust that he was not ever up for discussion so problem solved there. Luis Pena's name came up in conversation a few times but I didnt think there was anyway the brewers would get rid of a guy whose rights they would control for some time. Now comes the annoying part........

Taylor Green. An absolutely special baseball player and even better person has been the focal point of almost 99 percent of the trade rumors. Taylor has not been informed he has been traded nor has he been informed that he is any part of a pending transaction. What does all that mean? Nothing, because if the Brewers drop the PTBNL bomb anyone can go including Taylor. I know everyone in the game is an adult and I know it's a business but you would think maybe someone in the entire organization could let Taylor know what his status is instead of letting him just float in the wind. I know what everyone is doing and what their reasons are but it still doesnt make it any easier on the player.

I cannot wait until this is all situated and everyone ends up where they are supposed to be. I think this is a bold move for the Brewers franchise but it sends a really good message to the fans that they are serious about winning this year. For the guys traded it certainly presents them with a great opportunity to get to the big leagues a little more quickly than they likely would have if they had stayed with the brewers.

So to recap---- Media rumors are usually false and tend to have one source per 50 outlets.

Taylor Green will be a superstar

Taylor Green is a Brewer as of right now

I'm tired and I am going to take a nyquil and listen to The Pixies, Placebo, Nirvana and watch fight club.

Oh yeah and I will keep my cell on so this hell of a day can continue til tomorrow and bleed into forever.

Keep fighting the good fight, at worst you will prevail



Free Gift of the night, this is how I feel right now.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

39 On The Line

This is my 39th post thus the apt title. Im in Jacksonville right now after being in miami last night then back to ft lauderdale in the morning. Patrick Ryan, our newest Brewers client made the Southern League all star game with Michael Brantley (and other DDSM client Chris Mobley) this week. Patrick, an avid baseball card collector also got the thrill of a lifetime when I was able to get him his first baseball card deal with donruss. He will be autographing cards for the company as well and will be the 3rd brewer/ddsm client in the set, (taylor green and Brent Brewer). Sometimes its the little things that makes the players the happiest. I cant even imagine what its like to have a card like that, so lets just pray that a company doesnt go crazy and make agent cards one day....

I had dinner with a major league player last night in hopes of landing him. He is without representation and I think it went pretty well, or as well as can be. He's a terrific guy and has a bright future with or without me. Im supposed to fly up to meet his parents next week so hopefully that goes well.

Still negotiating for our one client left who is holding out. Everything is static and nothing with change until August 15th, I can feel it.

Other random musing of the night........ I saw the movie wanted last week and I dont think I have seen a worse film since I saw fraility. I hated every second of the movie sans angelina. On a seperate note, I dont think I have been so excited to see an upcoming film since the last matrix movie (which is a total bomb). The new batman film is gettin oscar buzz and it is really all about Heath Ledger at this point. All signs point to his performance as the Joker as being one for the ages. I really hope it pans out and he gets a postumous oscar. What a terrific talent tragically cut short.

Ill keep posting as I can.

Res Ipsa something something