Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Afraid Of Never Knowing Fear

Another year. 23. Strange times and odd vibrations in the USA these days. 2017 is a very different world than 2007 and 2007 was very different than 1994. Kurt Cobain is still dead and its been 23 years. It hurts the same way in the same spot of my heart every year. I did not know him, I met him once as a kid, he was not family, he was a unique alien from another world who gifted us 200 some odd songs to last us a life time and even then it will always feel like it wasnt enough time because it was not in fact enough time. Nirvana basically lasted from 88 until April 5th 1994. Their prime was 91 to 94 and merely released 3 albums in Kurt Cobains life and even then that has to show how important his voice was is and always will be. Nirvana is my favorite band and Kurt Cobain is my favorite artist ever. He is missed and sorely needed. He killed hair metal and ushered in the best music the world has ever heard.  I always quote the 4 chords and the truth and nobody did it better. I miss his music and I will go listen to my favorites now