Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Make Me Perfect

Its 430 in the morning and if you couldnt tell I dont care much for night sleep. I have to work during the day, so thats not a real option either. Ive been reading non stop, I guess anxious about today, the first real day of spring. Games start, players play, guys get cut, guys win out, etc.... Im happy to be doing something Im good at. I hopefully will have more to add later today if I can ever get to sleep then get up for the game. But as an aside, im awake at 431 am.
Enjoy this freaking amazing song.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Dont Confront Me With My Failures, I Have Not Forgotten Them

In draft mode as usual this time of year, walking that tight rope between proball and the draft. Its a thin line between happiness and death. Either Im going to get paid or Im not and either im going to get fired or Im not. It is what it is. Im excited for tomorrow, headed to Jupiter to watch the marlins first ST game of the year. Kroenke+Martinez will be there so Ill have a good time in the bullpen I suppose.

Watched my HS play last night. They're not as strong as they were last year but they're getting there. Also watched flight of the conchords last night. It really is the best show on TV. Even better than my precious top chef.

Been playing the guitar every second I get while home, writing some really interesting things and my singing voice is coming along which is really out of character. It's nice

Feeling good overall, lots of work to be done, hands to be shook, and people to blame. Im ready.


ps, blake billings had a great interview on the brewcrewball website, you guys should check it out



Friday, February 20, 2009

I Figured You Out

One of the hardest things about being in the profession that I have chosen to be in is the fact at any given point in time you will be known. I have always been painfully embarassed about any level of recognition I have received professionally. I love the idea that I can go in and do my job and that it. No accolades, no prestiege, just do your freaking job and go home. The players sign autographs, the players become famous, and the agent just goes home to watch the simpsons, top chef or whatever the hell else is on TV. I have never once in my career looked upon something I have done as transcendent. I have never felt special or unique. I just do my job and go home. Lately, especially during spring training more and more fans have recognized me and I have felt a high degree of embarrassment. I am beyond honored for all the support everyone has given me but again to be honest, I am totally embarrassed by it. For whatever it's worth to anyone reading this, thank you.

If this blog is a stream of consciousness then I may as well continue to be honest. I ended my long distance relationship today. There is only so much one man is equipped to deal with and for me at the very least lying isnt one of the things I handle well. I dont ask for much but I would at least hope for the truth. Once that trust has been breached its gone forever and as tragic as it may seem, it can never ever be reclaimed. I was unbelievably crazy about my girlfriend, but it's finally over for good. God willing its for the best.

Had a night out on the town tonight to help get me in better spirits. It didnt work but I totally appreciate the efforts of my awesome roommate and dear friends that came out. I have work in the morning and soon Im off to Arizona. No matter what I bitch about at the end of the day I really do love my job

Peace Love Empathy


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leave A Blanket Of Ash On The Ground

This one "man" parading around as an "agent" here in florida is a constant source of entertainment for me. One of the most important things with regard to being an agent is picking one sport and sticking with it. This "Genius" thinks its a great idea to do every sport on earth/modeling/etc..... You have to be able to identify talent when you're an agent. Im not talking about using a magazine or a list, you have to be able to go to a game and say, that kid right there is going to be a real something one day. You have to do it all by yourself because nobody who knows how to do that will ever do it for you. This "agent" thought it would be a great idea to text me and ask me how good a certain player was the other day because he thinks for some unexplainable reason that we're "friends". I had gotten amazingly positive reviews on this player and had been in contact with him much earlier in the year and was trying my hardest to budget some money for him so I could go ahead and sign him. We cleared up our budget literally a week ago and signed two players and I was all ready to get things going with this player that this "agent" had asked me about before this "agent" had even texted me. This proves my lesson of the year. If you're an agent, dont be friends with other agents. Im signing this kid and I couldnt care less what happens to the other guy but he's going to take this all personal (which it partially is because he's a moron and has an ego even larger than mine but with far less substance). If we're competing and you're up against me, Im going to win. I hate losing and I am most definitely not losing to a total shell of an agent. Guys like him do the business a disservice and worst of all he's only doing this job to become famous and most likely because he's a fan. I love fans, but if you're in this business it's a luxury that isnt afforded to you. The game is black and white and the sides are clearly divided. Us against them and we are going to take that money any way possible. It's cold and it's dark but it's the reality of what really happens. I wish more fans became agents like this joker. It would make my job far easier.

Im Worse At What I Do Best

An absolutely insane amount of work going on lately. No time for anything else at all. Had dinner with a big group of guys last night down in Jupiter. Expensive but very entertaining.

Luis Pena was claimed off waivers by the Mariners and is still on the 40 man. I worked hard for Luis this week and it was nice to see all the efforts pay off. Doesnt hurt that Jack Z is in Seattle but I still would love to believe I had something to do with him ending up there.

Meeting with prospective draft guys this week. God freaking bless the Andy Oliver case.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Earth Turned to Bring Us Closer

The Earth Turned to Bring Us Closer

The earth turned to bring us closer,it spun on itself and within us,and finally joined us together in this dreamas written in the Symposium. Nights passed by, snowfalls and solstices;time passed in minutes and millennia.An ox cart that was on its way to Nineveharrived in Nebraska.A rooster was singing some distance from the world,in one of the thousand pre-lives of our fathers.The earth was spinning with its musiccarrying us on board;it didn't stop turning a single momentas if so much love, so much that's miraculouswas only an adagio written long agoin the Symposium's score.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Everyone Will Go

Was at a freaking 25-2 baseball game that would never end most of my night. While there I was sitting with a 24 year old agent who I have mildly come to know this year. He knows me substantially more than I know him. We talked he asked questions but my question to everyone is, why would I ever answer his questions truthfully? Sure he meant well and I am sure he works hard but I dont worry about guys like him. Guys like him no matter how hard they try or what they know come and go quickly. You either have the "it" factor or you dont. Nice guys die in this rat race. I told him if I ever talked to one of his guys it was nothing personal. Fun.

Luis Pena was DFA'd today. 10 days to trade or release him. This was a huge surprise but I am hopeful this comes to a beneficial resolution quickly. It also created a ton of work for me today. 7 hours of straight phone calls.

Back to another game tomorrow then a busy weekend of games. Im trying to get some more draft guys that are a bit under the radar.

Jenna Jameson and tito ortiz are both retiring soon. Jenna from porn and Tito from fighting. I can only assume it's because both of them got tired of taking too many shots to the face............

Thats it, Im exhausted.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dont Know What It Means

Went to a hs today to watch some of a practice, going to another hs game tomorrow. It's a different feel this year with regards to the draft. This point last year I had two sure fire high end (aka high money) guys and this year I have a few talented players we're advising but the players absolutely must prove themselves to get paid. Last year it was a bit less tense but I guess that is what makes this job exciting. Nothing is promised and you must work hard for everything everyday.

Finished a ton of endorsement deals the last couple of days. You go weeks and weeks with nothing and you almost feel like a failure then a day like today comes and boom! It hits you that you're actually doing something not everyone gets to do.

Top chef is awesome and addicting and I am happy leah is gone.

Working on valentintes day. Go figure



Friday, February 6, 2009

I Wish I Was Single Again

Things change, things stay the same and the only thing you can really count on is that you really cant predict how things will end up. I was certain I was getting fired by a major client this week and it turns out I over reacted completely and the player was more loyal to me than anyone. On the flip side, another fun lesson in life. Women come and go and you can really only control yourself. As good as I am with my job I am historically bad in my personal life. Maybe thats how it's supposed to be though. Good at one thing bad at the other? If I was good at everything what fun would life be? What stories would I have to talk about and if I had nothing to talk about how bad of an agent would i be? You live you learn and you push forward. Spring training here I come.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shameless plug

My girlfriend is a finalist for special edition playmate of the year. Go vote for Bryleigh Rayne. Ill be in good standing!

And Don't Forget Those Wonderful Words, "You Know What I Like"

Z. Kroenke spent all day doing habitat for humanity which is a tremendous cause his first day on the marlins caravan. I believe an autograph signing was mixed in at a Jiffy Lube which is just awesome.

Taylor Green was taking a bit of a beating for "waiting" on his injury which was disappointing to read. Taylor was originally injured at the end of the regular season and waited to see how it healed per the teams request. Hope this clears up all taylor green questions regarding his decision to wait.

Watched a couple of guys throw bullpens at my old HS today, got to see adrian nieto catch for the first time this off season and am headed to st lucie tomorrow most likely to see Darren Ford and Mike Brantley

That it for today



Monday, February 2, 2009

25 random facts, habits, and goals about me!

5 random facts, habits, and goals about me!Share

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I have had 40 surgeries in my lifetime.

2. John Buccigross destroyed the periodic table because he only recognizes the element of surprise.

3. In spite of traveling to a billion countries (england,france,israel, ETC...) I have never been to mexico and finally got to canada in 2008

4. I dont watch sports on my down time except for hockey,I guess that means I watch A sport on my down time

5. I went to LA with my dear friend Brandon after HS. We saw the movie swimming pool at some small theater in LA. In line next to us waiting to buy tickets was james worthy. At the end of watching that nonsensical garbage of a film I got up and yelled "what in the name of James Worthy did we just fucking watch?"

6. I hate people that blog. Nobody fucking cares.

7. I run my own blog

8. Kurt Cobain is my musical savior

9. Eddie Vedder is not

10. I had the nickname 80 in high school because I told everyone I could throw 80 mph as a freshman.

11. I couldnt and was promptly hazed on the hood of a camero

12. I pitched 1 inning in HS with the stellar line of 9 runs none earned 3 walks 5 hits and 1k

13. I saw Kurt Cobain perform when I was 12

14. I saw Mitch Hedberg perform when I was 20

15. I performed in college doing stand up the last 2 years I was at fsu

16. Was I any good? I no longer perform stand up comedy.

17. Fsu was the only college I applied to in high school

18. I have over 100,000 autographs I mostly acquired in high school in lieu of working

19. I tend to date girls that are tall, blonde, hate their dads have an eating disorder and/or a drug problem

20. I am allergic to Latex and Penicillin proving there is a god and he hates me for many many reasons. He also seems to have a sense of humor.

21. I taught myself how to play the guitar in 8 months. I am an awful teacher.

22. I study philosophy everyday. Really.

23. I hate celebrity more than anything on the planet.

24. Ive always believed I would die before everyone else.

25. I'm still waiting.

A Person Is As People Care

I heard a tremendous story today. A major league player and his agent went to Las Vegas together on a vacation. Sometime after the vacation the agent sent the player a bill for the vacation. Moral of the story. Dont tell your players you're taking them on vacation if you dont play on paying for it. Said player has a new agent. Old agent....job well done.

Taylor Green had wrist surgery. He's got a hockey player spirit in a baseball players body. He'll be totally fine. Count it.

Set up some bullpens for some guys training locally. Mike Brantley, Z. Kroenke and D. Ford are all in town. Z for the Marlins fanfest, Mike lives in st lucie and D. is going to train with Mike. It's good to get some more off season face time with the guys.

Exhausting week at home, I hate my neighbors, My roommate is awesome, but is not very good at mortal kombat 2. I am horrible at any video game created after 1995 so I just stick to what I remember from the childhood. It's matt's bday today and he's excited about the mets signing Oliver Perez. It's the little things in life.

This is for matt, see you tonight