Thursday, July 30, 2009

Need You Around

Josh Bell got traded today. Busy last couple of days. Heard from several trusted and amazingly awesome sources that this was likely to go down. This is a great Opportunity for Josh. I know he's going to miss the people who helped get him to this point but baseball is a game of adjustments on and off the field. Josh is going to start in AA for the Orioles and come spring training who knows. I know he enjoyed his time with the dodgers, made a ton of life long friends, and really just matured as a person during his time there. Not one bad thing to say about the dodgers and really what more could you ask for?

Thats it


Tell Me That You Need To Show Me

Crunched with order, making a ton of phone calls, getting ready to leave town Saturday, booking new flights, making new reservations, reading, hardly sleeping, and bracing for the trade deadline.

Sorry for the lack of depth lately. Been insanely busy.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In The Meantime

Hitting the road again, sifting through rumors and phone calls. Trade deadline is coming.

Thats it. More friday


Casey Mulligan Thriller

I actually got this posted on and it blew up. Job well done to me. (Modesty lacking I know)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bottle Up And Go

I have felt a tremendous disconnect with everyone lately beyond the normal interactions of my career. Ive been home for about a day this month. I miss my friends I miss my family most of all I think I miss alot of the things that my life used to include. I think about my college experience all the time these days. I always imagined that this is what my life was going to become, so thanfully I never let that lessen the times I had when I was younger. No sense worrying about something you cant stop. In college I worried about what my life would be like with this career and now with my career I wonder what my life is going to be like with this soul crushing non stopped workaholic life style attached to it. Will I get married, will I have kids, will things ever calm down? All my friends are getting tied down now and I am no where even close to that point in my life. On the flip side Im pretty advanced with my career so take the good with the bad as everything in life. I work til I collapse every day which is beyond exhausting and it's not anything I can fully get used to, I just do it. I'm just an average 27 year old and I'm sure Ill figure things out because I always do.

Just a non sports rant today



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dying Like A Day

First off

I'm sorry I caved in to that. I hate twitter, its brutal, its lame, its facebook status updates gone insane. All apologies

Been home literally 1 day this month. It will continue. Atlanta,Alabama,Ft myers,Chattanooga,Birmingham,Atlanta again then some other states. Its grinding but good I suppose.

Ive written some tremendous jokes lately. Im quite happy with that. Im at the southern league all star game in Birmingham now, couple of clients in the home run derby, one won it. After party was dull, food was horrible weather sucks. Game should be fun however.

Want to keep this alive til I get interesting again



Friday, July 3, 2009

Where Do Bad Folks Go When They Die They Dont Go To Heaven Where The Angels Fly Go To A Lake Of Fire And Fry See Them Again On The Fourth Of July

Was in 3 states in a day. 3 in one freaking day. How does that even happen? Tn,Ga,Fla. Wonderful. I enjoyed writing my last blog entry substantially more than any other entry I have ever writen. Was it unprofessional? Probably. Should I have ignored what that blogger wrote, thus invalidating its significance? Yeah. Do I care? No. I honestly wish there was a bit more reform in this industry banning every random idiot from starting an agency just because they're superfans. It hurts the industry as a whole having unqualified and uneducated people in the business but such is life. Im not here to reform anything, im just here to do a job.

Everything seems to be back to normal for now. Scouting, traveling, all star games etc....

Players are playing well and getting healthy finally which is nice.

Thinking about starting another blog called Sports Agent

Enjoy happy 4th