Thursday, November 27, 2008

Skin The Sun Fall Asleep

You learn quickly the things you're good at in life. Whether it be sports, math, science, speaking etc... you learn fast and you stick with them to see how far each respective skill can take you. I can talk and I can write. Im good at alot of things but sometimes it's the things I fail at, with shocking regularity, that I want more than anything. You give up many things to do this job. The idea of a family, the idea of a normal life, the idea that you could just stop at any given time and just say "forget this, Im doing something else". I love my job, but sometimes the things I miss out on do hurt. It's constant and sharp but sadly, and I dont know what this says about me, I wouldnt really change a thing about my life. I wish certain things were more of a part of it, but generally I am happy. It's interesting trying to put together a personal life to go with my job, but I try hard. I have had girlfriends and I even almost got married once but it takes a special kind of woman to understand this job. Im thankful for all the women out there that actually put up with people like me that work in sports. You deserve far more credit than you get and Im saying thank you right here, right now before I forget for another 365 days.

Have a good thursday vacation.



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