Thursday, November 27, 2008

And I Forget Just Why I Taste Oh Yeah I Guess It Makes Me Smile

Javier Brito signed with the Seattle as did Mel Stocker. Chad Blackwell is an Angel and Im working hard to get a couple other guys free agent deals. Handling the offseason as well as can be expected. Winter Meetings is in 10 days, Vegas, my home away from home. This trip at least, Tao, JET and Ghost Bar will all wait. Work is the priority. 16 hour days, no sleep, tireless work, and nothing but meetings and phone calls, bad food, bad tv, snoring, sleeping on couches, wearing a tie, drinking walgreens vitamin water, and swallowing about 500 suppliments. I cant freaking wait. Trying to write more so this one will be short.



Skin The Sun Fall Asleep

You learn quickly the things you're good at in life. Whether it be sports, math, science, speaking etc... you learn fast and you stick with them to see how far each respective skill can take you. I can talk and I can write. Im good at alot of things but sometimes it's the things I fail at, with shocking regularity, that I want more than anything. You give up many things to do this job. The idea of a family, the idea of a normal life, the idea that you could just stop at any given time and just say "forget this, Im doing something else". I love my job, but sometimes the things I miss out on do hurt. It's constant and sharp but sadly, and I dont know what this says about me, I wouldnt really change a thing about my life. I wish certain things were more of a part of it, but generally I am happy. It's interesting trying to put together a personal life to go with my job, but I try hard. I have had girlfriends and I even almost got married once but it takes a special kind of woman to understand this job. Im thankful for all the women out there that actually put up with people like me that work in sports. You deserve far more credit than you get and Im saying thank you right here, right now before I forget for another 365 days.

Have a good thursday vacation.



Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leave You Where I Found You, I Figured You Out

Another exhausting day. Players returned home from the fall league, working on endorsements, making calls for free agents and preparing for the winter meetings. I have literally not slept all that well for the last few weeks preparing for that trip but all the preparation will make it worth it.

Got to pour over the rule 5 protection lists. One major surprise for me at least, but all in all what I expected to see.

Bourne Ultimatum is finally on Hbo. Thank god.

Light night, Im tired.



This is a song Elliott Smith gave to Mary Lou Lord

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Complicate My Piece Of Mind While I'm Balancing My Past

I finally got through my password issues and can now officially start blogging again (time permitted) This is an exciting and time consuming time for any agent worth their salt but then again there are fools in every field. Then again, the good Dr. Thompson always said "He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.” Moving on. I am dealing with Free Agency, preparing for the winter meetings in Las Vegas (I cant believe that this is a good idea, prepare for some alcohol induced trades)and everything else that I do every day of the week. I signed another Brewers prospect from the Fall League beating out many other "established" agents in addition to getting ready for Thursday, the day 40 man rosters are set. We'll see what happens, but we did have a Yankee client added to their roster this month.

I just moved to Ft. Lauderdale with my dear friend from high school. It's got a movie theater vibe to it. I have always collected signed movie posters and have proudly displayed my signed posters from.... Pulp Fiction, Memento, The Big Lebowski, Gangs of New York, 21 Grams, The Dark Knight (ledger is on it) Chasing Amy, Sin City, Reservoir Dogs, and 28 Days Later. Watch all these movies NOW if you havent seen them.

I got to talk to Barry Melrose former head coach of the TB Lightening the day before he got fired and had one of the most bizarre exchanges of all time. I'm ESPN's John Buccigross's agent. Bucci and Melrose worked together on NHL2NIGHT. I told Melrose when I met him I was John's agent to which he replied...."You must be a miracle worker since John still has a job." I called Bucci and let him know what Melrose said to which he replied...."Melrose will get fired before I do!" Well 24 hours later Melrose was in fact fired and Bucci still has a job. I cant help but feel responsible. Or not.

Also got picked to GM a historical fantasy baseball team for I have no idea what the hell I'm doing but Im in good company though I failed in an epic fashion selecting the marlins/drays is the link to the league.

Thats about it,

I found this amazing cover of my favorite song on earth so take it for what its worth. I have no clue who this guy is but he nailed it.