Sunday, October 5, 2008

Radio Interview Information

Here is the flyer on my interview for thursday, Ill post some trade updates after the weeks over. Off to Arizona saturday!


Hey everyone, just an FYI, but Josh Kusnick (Michael Brantley's agent) will be on my radio show this Thursday at 9:30pm ET. The direct link to Thursday's show is below:

Josh will be on for a few segments and my co-host Paul and I will ask the obvious questions pertaining to the Indians trade for Brantley and other things, and the phone lines will be open for anyone who wants to call in to speak to Josh and ask whatever they want. Phone number to call is 646-716-8012.

Michael Brantley himself is also schedule to be on, but as an FYI will not be taking calls from the fans (only his agent). As a reminder, for those that cannot listen live, the show is podcasted and can be downloaded and listened to at anytime by visiting the link I provided above or at .

Hope many of you tune in, and remember the show is still a WIP.;-) Should be an informative hour. Josh is not what you would expect from an agent, and makes for an awesome interview. And this should be the first radio/TV interview in Cleveland for Brantley.

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