Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Please Please Tell Me Cuz I Need To Know I Need To Know Now

I have literally been writing biographies and packages for all my clients this week in preparation for the winter meetings in Vegas. It's a really time consuming task and since I'm beyond hands on I do it myself. Id rather do all the work than risk somebody else blowing something so important. Also doing a ton of prep work for our minor league free agents to be. We cant shop them until after the W.S. but like anything else, preparations must be done, and must be done right.

Interviewing potential 09 draft picks to see if anyone wants us to advise them. We had a good 08 so we should land a few good 09s. Really havent spent a ton of time on amateur stuff yet especially with all the Fall League work going on. We potentially will have 8 guys going.

Monday is decision day. This trade is almost over. It's my understanding that the medicals are being reviewed and Cle is understandably having trouble choosing the PTBNL. I still believe it's the same guy I informed several weeks ago, so we'll see if I'm right by monday.

On a separate and unrelated note....

Taylor Green is to replace Mat Gamel in the AFL but wont report until Monday. Everyone else reported today (Aguilar,Jeffress,Brantley etc......)

So like everyone else I guess we'll see.



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