Monday, July 20, 2009

Bottle Up And Go

I have felt a tremendous disconnect with everyone lately beyond the normal interactions of my career. Ive been home for about a day this month. I miss my friends I miss my family most of all I think I miss alot of the things that my life used to include. I think about my college experience all the time these days. I always imagined that this is what my life was going to become, so thanfully I never let that lessen the times I had when I was younger. No sense worrying about something you cant stop. In college I worried about what my life would be like with this career and now with my career I wonder what my life is going to be like with this soul crushing non stopped workaholic life style attached to it. Will I get married, will I have kids, will things ever calm down? All my friends are getting tied down now and I am no where even close to that point in my life. On the flip side Im pretty advanced with my career so take the good with the bad as everything in life. I work til I collapse every day which is beyond exhausting and it's not anything I can fully get used to, I just do it. I'm just an average 27 year old and I'm sure Ill figure things out because I always do.

Just a non sports rant today



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