Friday, July 3, 2009

Where Do Bad Folks Go When They Die They Dont Go To Heaven Where The Angels Fly Go To A Lake Of Fire And Fry See Them Again On The Fourth Of July

Was in 3 states in a day. 3 in one freaking day. How does that even happen? Tn,Ga,Fla. Wonderful. I enjoyed writing my last blog entry substantially more than any other entry I have ever writen. Was it unprofessional? Probably. Should I have ignored what that blogger wrote, thus invalidating its significance? Yeah. Do I care? No. I honestly wish there was a bit more reform in this industry banning every random idiot from starting an agency just because they're superfans. It hurts the industry as a whole having unqualified and uneducated people in the business but such is life. Im not here to reform anything, im just here to do a job.

Everything seems to be back to normal for now. Scouting, traveling, all star games etc....

Players are playing well and getting healthy finally which is nice.

Thinking about starting another blog called Sports Agent

Enjoy happy 4th


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