Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If You Ever Need Anything Please Dont Hesitate To Ask Someone Else First

What a disappointment. I cant believe NBC ended conan..... This topic has been beat to death by everyone, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. Growing up as a product of divorce, Conan was a staple of my childhood late nights. The most dependable and funny TV friend a kid could ever want I can only hope he comes back in 6-7 months stronger than ever on FX or Fox or wherever he may end up. Pimpot 5000, Masterbating Bear, the year 2000 skits...... I still vividly remember being in the hospital ER at one point watching Andy Richters final show. Who knew a decade later we'd lose Conan too. Alls well that ends okay I suppose. I know he'll be back.

Its the busy season. Traveling traveling traveling. I head to Arizona soon. Then Canada again, then orlando, then ft myers, then tampa, then everywhere. My period of "normality" is about to end. Its been a nice adjustment but I miss the gring. I miss the dirt and I miss being on the road. I think not being around baseball everyday gives me a strong appreciation for it when I have it. It's a cycle. I love it. I hate it. Then I cant live without it. Its just how it goes.

2010 is a big year for me personally. I know everythings going to be fine despite everyones best efforts to the contrary. Oh well for them. Ill see them all on the trail

Peace Love Empathy


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