Monday, June 7, 2010

It's A Brand New World

Well real fast I wanted to jot something down here for the 6 readers I have left. 1 month out of the hospital and 15 hours away from the draft. I have been advising one family whose son is a potential first round draft pick today. I not only think about how his life is about to change forever but I think about all the things in my life that has taken me to this point as well. I am alone working at 1 am pacific time in a hotel in Langley BC. I think about my time as a baseball player in middle school or playing catch with my dad. I think about all the baseball card shows I used to go to where I learned how to negotiate. I think about all my days in college where I scouted like crazy. I think about all my friends and family that have helped me get to this point and I think about all my clients that have allowed me to have this life that i am so lucky to have. I think about my mom and dad especially. My mom who is so supportive these days and my dad who basically gave me my career. He believed in me more than anyone and especially during the hard times when nobody else did. My father has always been my biggest fan and I always have been his biggest fan. I remember being the bat boy for the orioles and I remember when I was about 15 watching Jayson Werth throw out the 1st pitch at camden yards right after being the orioles 1st round pick thinking how great it would be if that could happen to me. I am so fortunate to be going through this process again and I know all my hours of work and dedication will be validated tomorrow. A young man learns to play baseball and the game changes his life. A slightly older man learns to love the business of baseball and his life changes too.



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