Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Divine And Bright

I missed Feb completely didnt want to totally ignore march. The season is about to start and I have some awesome new work opportunities. Im grinding away same as ever just finding less and less time to write which isnt cool lets be honest. Id be amazed if anyone even stumbled by this blog anymore but this blog has always been a microcosm of some sorts. I started doing it just for myself really then a few people picked up on it, then some more, then some more, then came the ridicule and the scorn, then some followers then I just torched the whole thing until nothing was left. This was my In Utero, a complete rejection of what everyone wanted and people still liked it and the only way to get it back really was to neglect it. I feel like I can start writing again if I want to and I might actually take myself up on that. And if anyone is still left here there will be a reward at the end of the rainbow. Maybe Ill write something awesome someday or maybe Ill just make a pair of BK Knights available as a prize (oh how I miss double dare) who knows? But as for all my hollow promises with regard to my blog I think I really will try to write more. Probably less about my career which will shut off a lot of people (all 6 of you) but who knows? I always used to write what was on my head without regard for anything and it would be nice to go back to that place. Ill be having my yearly Cobain post coming up in a week. I hate writing that but this year will be a doozy for that story. I was in Seattle last june so Ill have the chance finally to opine about it.

Peace Love Empathy to everyone

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