Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Useless And I'm Famous

I do this every year partially to commemorate the most impactful artist of my life time and partially to mark where I am with respect to my own life each passing year. Every year I get older all this music means something a little different to me. Every year I get a little further from life and closer to death and that honestly still doesnt phase me. I still remember when I discovered Nirvana. First as a passing image at age nine, then trying to remember the worlds to heart shaped box at 12, then swallowing the entire catalog at age thirteen one year too late. The music makes me happy, the music makes me sad, the music makes me feel alive and the music makes me die. Its basic, its complex, its clear, and its hazy all at the same time and thats what makes Nirvana Nirvana. I am actually getting more annoyed now these days hearing that cobains legacy has been enhanced by his early demise. If anything his death muddled what would have been an incredibly clear legacy. He was the last John Lennon since John Lennon died and anyone who argues that is a fool. Anyone who gets caught up in the semantics of not understanding the lyrics or arguing power chords arent music are simply no in on the joke. They're late to a party that died in 1994 while everyone else already RSVP'd. This is an energy that is trapped in a generation and for a few brief moments in time someone let it out and that will never happen again. All were left with is all that energy thats still buried inside all of us who were around to witness those times still waiting for someone else to come around and let a little bit more of it out from inside of us.

Thank you


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