Saturday, April 5, 2014

into the 20 year void a story about a son. all in all is all we are

Todwy my friend got married, monday is my wifes birthday, I turn 32 may third. I saw nirvana play at bayfront park as a child. I have his autograph and concert ticcket in my office. All my heroes are dead. Elliott smith jeff buckley and kurt. The first music I fel in love with. I bought inutero in fifth grade and got my first Pl ixies sonic youth nirvana underground tape a month after kurt died while in middle school. Im an obsessive nirvana fan. I danced to drain you at my wedding. Mission accomplished.

I wonder what songs weve lost. I wonder how hed sound today. Nirvana surely would have disbanded and kurt would have gone michael stipe on us but that was a far better endimg tham what we got. He robbed all of us his family friends and his fans. It still resonates twenty years later. This blog is dead and so is kurt but the music lives on. I will always posttoday forever.

It was a normal day. I watched baseball spoke on the phone ups downs you know life. I wish I was still living in a world I could share w kurt cobain and I did for 12 years. I didnt know him. Our paths merely crossed briefly once and that was it. None of it mattered. All that mattered was the music a gift we still have. After 20 years I just am sad wondering what could have been and what we lost when kurt cobain decided to end his life. This is rambling but its really a story about a son who through his music saved a sick kid from florida he met one night in 1993. Peace love empathy wherever you are kurt cobain. The world is a far less special place without you.

res ipsa loquitor

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