Monday, September 29, 2008

You're Just Somebody That I Used To Know

Lots of rumors, lots of news, lots of indecision. Ive been told by my sources that a decision on the PTBNL should come sooner than later and could even be here today or tomorrow. It sure sounds like it's going to be one of my guys which I have known for months now. This trade will have a big impact on all of my guys, some of which will not be in the deal at all. If Brantley goes I believe Lorenzo Cain could potentially replace Mike in the AFL so theres that news I guess. I still can't believe Peter Gammons said it was Brantley. It very well could be Michael but nobody from either team has officially said anything yet and nobody has informed Michael (or Taylor) on the trade at all. (Except for myself, as noted, one of my clients was informed by me) So the idea that Gammons knows something that the player does not seems unlikely (if he does know, then it is what it is). I know I got a ton of calls and emails yesterday and hopefully answered them all to satisfaction and hopefully will have this all resolved this week and we can go from there.

On a separate note Jeremy Jefferss and Michael Brantley have both signed exclusive autograph contracts with PCM sports, so look out for that stuff coming real soon.

Will talk to you all soon I am sure



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