Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Very Biting Criticism Of A Doom Filled Situation


Read the above story before reading my rant. I never comment on specific stories ever but this one really hit home. This is the last commentary I will ever have. I originally attempted to post this rant on the blog itself but it was not added for some reason (I wonder why?). Enjoy, it's me at my angriest.

I would also like to comment on the wonderfully written implication in this story criticizing a young mans very serious illness. It is almost as if the blogger (writer would be far too legitimizing a term) suggests that it would have been more acceptable in his mind if the player in question was a cheater trying to achieve a competitive advantage as opposed to recognizing what this situation actually is, a young man trying to overcome a very serious illness. So in the bloggers view, using steroids is a smart move while dealing with a serious drug addiction make you an idiot. One wonders what this "agent" does to help his clients off the field if this is what is going on inside his head. How anyone can reasonably condone a PED is beyond me, bravo.
There is also the assumption that the blogger makes that a teams front office would abandon a player during a very difficult time in his life, equating it to a death in the family I believe. I know the blogger/agent lacks the most basic of experiences in professional baseball which is to be expected while someone is still in law school while attempting to be an agent, however to assume that any team would turn their backs on any of their players during a time of need whether it be a death in the family, an injury, or in this case a problem of addiction is just beyond ignorant. In actuality all teams would be beyond supportive in assisting with a situation such as this.
Until this blogger (agent,entrepreneur,model, student, I have no idea what the actual title is these days) has to go through any real experiences with his clients that goes beyond making a pie chart and buying batting gloves at sports authority I will continue to doubt the legitimacy of anything he has to say. Last I checked this blogger,agent entrepreneur, model,student, was not a certified member of the players association and does not represent anyone in any of the four major sports. It is also important to note the complete lack of understanding the blogger has with regards to dealing with a crisis situation. I fear very much for his current client roster god forbid anything should happen to them. To blindly say that a players sole focus should be about playing games and his performance screams of ignorance. The most important thing this player should be worried about is fixing his life. The human being, the person is the only thing that matters in this situation. Only a greedy, ignorant and selfish "agent" would ever claim otherwise and if one were to suggest that baseball should be the top priority during a situation like this it obviously shows what that agents true motives would be. I am disturbed by this article since part of it is quite obviously a subtle shot at my representation, but most importantly a very biting criticism at my client who is currently dealing with a very very serious medical issue. If this is the kind of agent this blogger,entrepreneur,model wants to be that is his choice. I for one take the responsibility as an agent so seriously I actually did the work to get certified by the players association not to mention I would never blog about someone elses client much less that clients illness. To each their own.


Joshua Kusnick

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