Friday, August 7, 2009

The Cemeteries Of The World Are Full Of Indispensable Men

There was a ton of positive publicity this week thanks to the tremendously awesome article Baseball Prospectus posted regarding the Josh Bell trade. LINK

Also a nice mention of Trayvon Robinson which was a nice touch. Trayvon has had a tremendous year so its nice to see some of the hardwork rewarded.

Rough week personally. I had to put down my 1 year old cat snowball who passed away due to FIP disorder. I am a huge animal lover so this was devastating. He was a great cat, so to anyone with an animal out there reading this, go give your pet a hug right now.

Works the same, planning out the stretch run, making my westcoast swing this month so that should be good. Watching VH1 right now and for some ungodly reason Creed is on TV again and for some even more ungodly reasons that are unknown to me they're playing on stage again. WHY? Who really missed creed? I was happy when they disbanded and honestly who though history would be more kind to Fred Durst over Scott Stapp?



Some good music

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