Saturday, August 29, 2009

And I'm Feeling Very Sick And Ill Today

Another day in paradise. 3rd state in 5 days. Im in LA this time. Im exhausted. I think Ive finally gone beyond exhaustion. Oh well. Okay. Im watching games, meeting families, and doing good work. Hard work. Work nobody else wants to do. So, here I am and in demand.

Ive been reading a great deal lately. Lots of interesting things from the Higgs Boson particle and String Theory to why Quantum Mechanics is a flawed premise. Also some cool stuff on why John Hughes was hollywoods answer to JD Salinger.

Listening to the Smiths alot which never gets old. 10 games to go then I can go home. Then the fall league. We have 9 guys going. Guess who?

Mahalo J

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