Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm The Hero Of The Story I Dont Need To Be Saved. No Ones Got It All

I am in Orlando right now. Taking calls. Doing work. Had a real life date last night for the first time in a while. Dinner and a movie. It was nice to escape for a few hours. Gearing up for winter ball. So far have 5 guys going to the fall league. Looks like Ill be out there for a week again. Spending lots of time doing endorsement work which is fantastic.

Got some emails from people asking for autographs from some of our players. Id send stuff out if I could but we dont keep stuff in the office. Your best bet is to try the players via the stadium. Unless anyone wants my autograph which would be a very very hilarious and terrible idea.

Working on my guitar skills. Must join band before I turn 30.

Thats it


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zhantai said...

this song is fantastic... I´m the hero of the story, don't need to be saved...