Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Man Turn Bad

You take the good with the bad in this game. The hard to swallow with what goes down smooth and the sense of validation combined with overwhelming failure. Its a hard balance. Sometimes you wonder why you do this job and other times you're clearly reminded of the things that make you want to do this job. This is a hard business, I knew that from the start, with that being said it does not make things any easier when things go wrong. This was one of the best weeks of my career professionally bar none. Mike Brantley is up in the big leagues and playing his heart out. Its been very rewarding to watch that entire process from HS to now. Someone else however left today. Someone who I considered myself to be very close with. Its hard to know no matter what you do in this game you're expendable. Its crushing even, and this blow is particularly upsetting beyond the obvious professional ramifications. I lost a very dear friend today but such is life. I have a job to do and now im going back to work.

Peace Love Empathy


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