Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ive Got The Spirit But Lose The Feeling

Back in SoFla for a little bit right now. Try to capitalize on things on this end. Grinding it out until the end of the season. Really focusing on endorsements and keeping everyone happy. I forgot to mention this. I very much enjoy interacting with fans. While I was in cleveland after the game I went to get Mike's care and there were 200 or so people waiting to see the players. People kept calling me "Green Tie" for obvious reasons, but it was very satisfying getting the chance to talk to all the people I could before I had to go. I spoke to some kids about how I got my job and answered whatever questions I could for them. I even got to give away a baseball to a little kid wearing a ton of Indians gear. The kids are awesome and I love seeing them leave the game happy.Thats all now



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