Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well Have Joy Well Have Fun Well Have Seasons In The Sun

I am back on twitter despite usually having good judgement. How much worse could tweeting be than blogging? Ill find out I guess. It's a fun social experiment until someone loses an eye. I'm on the road again watching instructs (lame) visiting a player for his birthday (awesome) and going back to the big leagues next week (most awesome). Finalized more endorsements and given the state of the economy is a miracle. I'm a magician.... sometimes. Still grinding it out trying to get more money.... we shall see.

Im in love with Joy Division and I need to watch Control.

I lost some weight the last couple of months and it's fantastic. I also have the second most points in my fantasy football league but I'm 0-2 which reminds me why I hate fantasy sports.

Heres the twitter page and Ill be tweeting the rest of the season+fall league. Enjoy all 19 of you followers



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