Friday, May 16, 2008

Somewhere I Have Heard This Before.... In A Dream My Memories Are Stored.... As Defense I'm Neutered And Spayed.... What The Hell Am I Trying To Say

Well it's been a minute since the last time I wrote. I am sitting on a plane right now waiting for the red eye to take me back to Ft lauderdale. I was in Las Vegas, San Bernadino, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Maryvale, back to Las Vegas then home. I am beyond exhausted and if anyone has ever read or watched the rules of attraction I feel like the guy who got the european montage. Anyway I am beyond exhausted and now my red eyes can close on this red eye and wake up anew. I hope.

I got to see Luis Pena for a day in Vegas. He was throwing Gasolina, potentially signing a couple of more brewers players this week. Weird. Business is good and the draft at long last is upon us. I have to go to sarasota to watch the state baseball tourney then head to seabring for the state AS game. I cant wait until its over.

Topps released baseball cards of 8 of my clients this week so thats always pretty cool. The lifelong fufilment of a childhood dream cannot be overstated enough. Getting the first baseball card is validation to some degree that all the hard work is finally paying off that even to some degree the player at hand has somewhat made it. Now all they have to do is get to the big leagues, have sustained success, and cash in.

Keep fighting the good fight. At worst you will prevail



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