Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Have Always Failed To Fail

Ma nishtana ha lyla ha zeh mikkol hallaylot?

Why is this night different from every other night?

Im about 15 hours to one of the biggest days of the year. Draft day is upon me and I charge towards it with ferocious tenacity. If I could tackle it I would. If I could just throw it to the floor and kick it's still beating teeth in I would. If I could somehow harm it I would find a way to do it. Unfortunately I have to live with it and just roll with whatever punches come at me with no other adequate defense other than talking. Talking, talking and much more talking. All the prep work is finished and either I tomorrow will be a triumph or the start of damage control. I am prepared either way. I have done all I can in the ways of prep work. Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow is where dreams are made and crushed. Where careers are started and ended. Where money is exchanged, where tears flow, where children playing a kids game cry for joy or elation. It's what I live for and I cant wait.

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