Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Somebody Said That They're Not Much Like I Am I know I can

I am back home for a couple of days. I was in Jacksonville to see Mike Brantley as earlier noted then off to Viera for the FSL all star game. Its always an event I like to attend because its close to home and I usually have a guy or two playing in it. This year was Darren Ford and Taylor Green's turn. Got the chance to spend some great time with all my Brevard guys in addition to meeting some players parents for the first time. All in all it was a great event. Taylor hit 11 jacks in the derby while Ford got a couple of hits. Im glad I am home.

On a gut wrenching note our agency released a client today. Let me stress this was a very hard decision. He was a great hard working young kid when we signed him. He still has a chance to play in the major leagues one day but his mouth and his desire got him in trouble. This player quit on his team twice this year and started bad mouthing the agency that represented him. I loved him as a person but from a business standpoint its a no go.

Thats about it.



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