Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm Not The Only One

Desolation. I'm in another hotel room. The same hotel room Im always in. It's pure desolation and it cannot be understated how boring this room has become. I know the familiar bed with the familiar drapes and the familiar broken air conditioner and familiar remote control that links me to 400 broken channels of the same benign minutia on the same broken television. I get tired of it all sometimes but I remember on occasion I still get to do something not many people get to do. I affect peoples lives and that my friends can be a very good thing.

The draft was this past week and as usual was a total pain. Things went awry from the get go but we have plans for these kinds of things. Everything is going to plan at this point and hopefully we get our kids signed.

I am in Jacksonville going to watch Michael Brantley play. He's so underrated. He's going to be the kid who gets to the big leagues and everyone wonders how they could have missed him. Lorenzo Cain and Lorenzo Scott both got pushed to AAA this week. Good week for DDSM clients named Lorenzo I guess.

The fsl all star game is saturday and I am going to that for sure. I cant wait til the after party which is always a fantastic time. Taylor Green and Darren Ford will be there and I couldnt be prouder.

Signed Kristian Bueno of the Brewers finally. It took a while but we're very excited to have him. Great kid and great family.

Thats the news. Ill try to be better and posting again. Thanks for reading



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