Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Argument Is Valid If And Only If It Is Not Possible For The Premises All To Be True And The Conclusion False.

I havent said anything in a while but it's not because im out of words. Ive been very busy as usual but such is the life and the life distills me. Im exhausted. Im going to Jacksonville on the 2nd, home on the 3rd then who knows whats up forever. Following all the pro guys, the newly drafted guys playing for the first time, balancing the 09 scouting trips etc etc. Ive taken the time to stay up late to learn the guitar which makes me exceedingly happy. I havent been able to have any modicum of a social life for what seems an eternity at this point. No going out, no parties, no drinking, no girls, no concerts, nothing but the job. Thats fine since like I always say it's what I signed up for. Im still fighting with random hypocritical west coast agents that claim to be saintly when in essence they're bastards like the rest of them. Its the pretension that you never get used to. Everyone does what they have to do to survive and I accept that in this business. Its the people that try to spin their job in a different light so it helps them sleep better are the ones I despise. Call it what it is and just accept it. Thats the rant of the day.

If you love your life do not go see the movie wanted. It has shot to the top of my worst movies of all time list, a not so exclusive list that included boondock saints and frailty.....

Chris Dennis and Cam Robulack got off to good starts. I love Canadian players. Im still super annoyed Taylor Green did not make the futures game but what can you do??

Signed another brewers player.... Patrick Ryan. Awesome

those are the updates for better and worse

See you soon



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