Sunday, September 14, 2008

Does It Make You Happy You're So Strange

I just came home from a very long day at the ball park. It's been a fun week. Ive spent the last three days with Luke Montz of the Washington Nationals. Luke has been a client for a few years now and finally is getting his chance in the major leagues, and I have to say I couldnt be more proud. I got to show him around my home town this week. Ft Lauderdale is the best place in the world. He got to see miami and Las Olas and hopefully today he'll be catching for the Nats. It's been great spending time with him and his best friend who also is in town.

It's a big feeling watching your guys play in the major league. The game is the same, the people are the same (scouts, front office people etc...) and when people see you, there is this look and feeling of genuine validation. It's like I have gotten to this point in spite of everyone and I am more than willing to shock everyone that I'm here. I love being here and I'm not leaving anytime soon, so it would be in everyones best interests to get used to seeing me around these parts. I love it.

I literally just caught the last 30 minutes of Jerry Maguire. For years I have expressed my profound hatred for the film due to its trivializing effect it has had on my industry. Nothing that happens on the day to day levels of my job has anything to do with the movie, it's suspended reality I know, I know but the movie has long bothered me (except kelly preston, god I love her). However tonight, watching the end, the Rod Tidwell scene followed by the "you complete me" scene I was compelled to write something positive from the film. I think those last 30 minutes are the core of what we all want out of life as agents. My life operates at 600000 mph and I have to admit I was jealous of that last scene in the movie. Jerry, walking with his wife and new son right next to a baseball field. I think thats why I work so hard in my job. So one day, I too can have that.




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