Thursday, September 25, 2008

Somewhere I Have Heard This Before

Havent posted anything in a while, been traveling alot, trying to get through the season. Looking forward to going to arizona for the fall league in about 10 days. Going to tampa/clearwater this weekend to catch some instructs as well. Just spent another weekend in tallahassee. God I miss college.

Working on two massive endorsement deals, and got word today that several of my clients will be blogging on the MILB website during the AFL. (Browning,Brantley,Clevenger)Luke Montz was also named the Harrisburgh Senators player of the year.

Saw that Mat Gamel got hurt during his callup which could mean that Taylor Green will be replacing him in the AFL thus running my count of AFL guys to 7. Could the cc trade finally be over with one of these days?

Saw Burn After Reading this week. Awesome.


Hopefully more entertaining next time


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