Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Dont Care If It's Old

Havent been here in 09 so here...we....go! Going to Milwaukee on friday for their fanfest, will get to see Taylor Green, Omar Aguilar and Alex Periard. Should be a good time and hope to get a lot of work done there. Getting ready for spring training. Brantley,Browning,Suomi all got big league invites last week. Trying hard to get our last two free agents signed and waiting for the industry to expand their budgets so I can more endorsement stuff finished.

The dark times are coming soon. Travel will begin again and I cant wait til it's over. I love it when Im working but man, travel takes its freaking toll.

Got a personal trainer last week and had this exchange.

Trainer: What are your personal fitness goals?
Josh: I dont really have any.
Trainer: Dont you want to change your life and feel better about yourself?
Josh: I like my life and I already feel pretty good about myself.
Trainer: Dont you want to live longer?
Josh: Not really.
Trainer: What the hell are you doing here then?
Josh: I have no idea.

Also my baseball america story finally ran and was on their homepage for the weekend. I thought Id be more excited about that moment but it is what it is. I appreciate it, I really do but it's a weird feeling. Thats all I can say

Happy new president in the oval office day.



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wrveres said...

glad to hear you got everyone signed. well almost.

Hopefully they all as a group ... hit em where they ain't.

Happy New Year.