Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Is Just A Fond Farewell To A Friend

It's over. All this stuff. All these things. Everything thats happened this cycle. Over.Done. Overdone. To paraphrase a hero this foul year of Our Lord, two-thousand-eight. Im scared of 2009. I have long dreaded the year I was to become 27. Heroes have died at that age, better men and women than I. Kurt Cobain for one obvious one. I dont waste time thinking about the future because it will soon become a thing of the past. I know there will be hurdles, I know there will be joy, and as always pain and angst. The goods and bads are constant and sharp. It's the only thing you can rely on in this life that everything keeps going with or without you. You hang on as long as you can until the train conductor finally says enough and kicks you off the fucking train with papers left behind, drinks to fill, and parties to attend. Life is what happens when you're too disoriented to notice whats going on. I embrace it sometimes I loathe it the others but I guess the end sum is Im still here for something. I hope 2009 is great for the people I care about and maybe even a few of the others I dont. If they were gone who would I have to hate?

Peace Love and a World of empathy

Jay Eh? Kay

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