Friday, May 1, 2009

Countdown To Oblivion

Countdown To Oblivion

Watched a client throw last night. A client who was being harrassed by a "big" agency. Big agency was asked to stop contacting said client. "big" agency said they would comply. "Big" agency showed up to said players game last night anyway and waited until said player was in the parking lot after a rough game to talk to him. He couldnt even do it in front of me. Good business but man, what a weak move. I would have loved to have met him. "Big" agent tried a guilt trip on the player. Player said sorry about it. And now its over for now. A player should never ever be made to feel bad for keeping the agent they already have. This agent is probably incredibly distressed about losing out on my guy and blowing this opportunity. This agent probably thinks this is temporary and that eventually he will prevail over someone like me. Keep taking me lightly. Keep assuming I am like everyone else. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep at it as long as you want. I am not losing players to "agents" like this guy ever again. I will not let it happen and I will do anything I have to in order to stop these thugs from their bully tactics. It's a dirty business but I will say one thing, Im not afraid anymore. Im not afraid and I promise that is not good news for everyone else.

Game Over


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