Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jane, Go Back

I am always tired. The road does it to you. It's out of your bed and into your head all the time. You find ways to get past it though. Whatever it takes you know. Whether it be dedication or fear, there is always some driving force pushing me to be great. Thats all I think about and all I strive to do. I hate losing. To anyone at anything. Im hypercompetitive. Some could see it as a fault but I really dont. There is nothing wrong with a divine love of winning. I do not take losing well. Not at all. Ive been fighting my whole life with everything so why should this be any different? I beat another agent today for now. It felt good. It felt really good. He blew a save and I shut the door. It never ends. No time for celebrating though. On to tomorrow. Hopefully Ill see him in person to congratulate him for trying. I won this round. Good luck


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