Thursday, May 28, 2009

Polished Chrome

Busy day busy night. On the phone non stop doing draft work. Cant wait til thats over. Luke Montz is in the big leagues again. Chris Dennis hit 2 home runs last night and Gerry Rodriguez hit for the cycle. It was a good night. Also got a good call from the players association. Fun Fun.

I think I have reached a somewhat transitional point in my life/career. It's like since I hit 27 I have been more calm, more relaxed, and things seemed to have slowed to some extent. I can plan more easily and things do not rattle me nearly as much. I'm on the top of my game right now and barring something magically unforeseen nothing is going to slow this freight train down. Im on top of things, Im going in the right direction and hell I'm even using cliches! I like whats happening right now and nothing is substantially bothering me beyond the normal mundane occurrences that show up from time to time with this job. The players are happy and so am I. Nice that that could coincide.

Also, I hate McG for destroying the terminator franchise and I now love JJ Abrams for making a star trek movie worth watching. It was awesome. Never watch a movie made by someone named McG. Ever.

About freaking time


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