Sunday, June 14, 2009

Battle For The Sun

Just got done with the draft and just got done with the first major showcase of 2009. The pg national was held in the metrodome this year and as always its a totally over rated occurance. Its only real purpose is to get your first firsthand looks at some of the top prospects you have yet to see in addition to making first contact. Anyone who uses the PG rankings as a genuine methodology of scouting is an idiot (no offense). It was long, lots of meetings as per usual mixed in with some preliminary draft talks but all in all it was somewhat good. It was assuradley better than last year.

Headed home now, going to North Carolina and Atlanta the next couple of weeks. Placebo has a new album which is cool and I finally cleaned up some of the 20 songs I recorded at home. Thats it for now


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