Monday, June 22, 2009

I Tried Hard To Have A Father But Instead I Had A Dad

Most of our guys have signed since the draft. Several all star breaks are upon us. Im starting another group of trips which should be interesting. Im very tired. Im renaming the blog Im very tired since thats all I guess I can complain about these days. Going to lots of games spending time with clients, the usual. More of the same cant be all that bad really. Im listening to lots of Nirvana as usual. I get sad whenever I think about the fact that no music will touch me the rest of my life the way Nirvana did. So Ive been playing my guitar as inspired as ever. Maybe one day my songs will mean something to someone. Who knows, whats the point of it all anyway? Reading a great deal of the usual. Im somewhat set in my ways at this point anyway. Im tired but I am happy. Thats all that can be said.



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