Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Passing Through The Night

Another long day of work at the office but I cant complain. Finished 15 wonderful contracts with a very prominant glove company. I cant thank this company to be named later for all they have done for our guys. Its a special moment no matter what level a player is at to get a glove contract and I am just happy beyond words that IM the guy who gets to help make these small perks a reality. I try to make sure that I take care of all the off the field headaches so all my guys have to do is go out there and play ball. Im glad I got these done before the new year. My goal is to finish as much as possible before 2010 rolls around.

Also bought some dvds today. 500 days of summer which was my favorite movie of the year, Something,Something,Something Dark Side, season 1 of eastbound and down, and two movies I hated but I wanted to love, District 9 and Extract. Hopefully the 2nd time around is better or best buy will be getting them back asap.

Thats it for now


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