Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

Today was the conclusion of the winter meetings. Its been crazy and I have been beyond busy. Tom Haudricourt is posting a terrific story about Jeremy Jeffress tomorrow that should give the world a good idea on whats been going on with JJ the last few months. It's a very special story and I hope everyone reads it with an open mind.

Today was a big day. We had 4 players taken in the rule 5 draft. So the count now is 5 big leaguers 13 40 man players and several minor leaguers. I am beyond proud of what my father and I have been able to do the last few years. No matter what other agents have to say about us or whatever it is they think of me..... Im doing something right.... maybe?

Thanks to all the fans who have been so gracious to me this past year on the road. Without you guys and the players I am truley nothing.

Mahalo from indy


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