Thursday, July 3, 2008

39 On The Line

This is my 39th post thus the apt title. Im in Jacksonville right now after being in miami last night then back to ft lauderdale in the morning. Patrick Ryan, our newest Brewers client made the Southern League all star game with Michael Brantley (and other DDSM client Chris Mobley) this week. Patrick, an avid baseball card collector also got the thrill of a lifetime when I was able to get him his first baseball card deal with donruss. He will be autographing cards for the company as well and will be the 3rd brewer/ddsm client in the set, (taylor green and Brent Brewer). Sometimes its the little things that makes the players the happiest. I cant even imagine what its like to have a card like that, so lets just pray that a company doesnt go crazy and make agent cards one day....

I had dinner with a major league player last night in hopes of landing him. He is without representation and I think it went pretty well, or as well as can be. He's a terrific guy and has a bright future with or without me. Im supposed to fly up to meet his parents next week so hopefully that goes well.

Still negotiating for our one client left who is holding out. Everything is static and nothing with change until August 15th, I can feel it.

Other random musing of the night........ I saw the movie wanted last week and I dont think I have seen a worse film since I saw fraility. I hated every second of the movie sans angelina. On a seperate note, I dont think I have been so excited to see an upcoming film since the last matrix movie (which is a total bomb). The new batman film is gettin oscar buzz and it is really all about Heath Ledger at this point. All signs point to his performance as the Joker as being one for the ages. I really hope it pans out and he gets a postumous oscar. What a terrific talent tragically cut short.

Ill keep posting as I can.

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