Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Only Wrote Tonight To Post This Video

I am solely writing this blog so I could post the attached video. I finalized my travel plans and am going to Orlando wed, back thursday, then sunday off to Chattanooga as earlier noted. The guys all seem to be doing exceedingly well. Brae Wrights rehab is going well, as is Taylor Greens. Chris Mobley should be back soon and Lorenzo Cain played in his first game of the season tonight.

Talking about hot starts, how about Trayvon Robinson?? My god he deserves it.

Ive been a bit under the weather lately and that has been a drag. I probably shouldnt be traveling as much as Ive been but you have a job and you have to do it no matter what. No excuses and only some complaints some of the time. It's not bad and it could be worse. Id probably enjoy alot more if this if I was feeling better but Im fortunate that im well enough to work.

Thats the line

Enjoy the greatest video Ive ever posted

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