Sunday, April 5, 2009

Three Chords And The Truth

Every generation has their icon. Mine was Kurt Cobain. It's been 15 fucking years already but every single second I hear his music I think back to when I was younger discovering Nirvana for the first time and how as soon as I heard them I knew instantly everything was different. Nothing has been the same ever since and I often wonder what my life would have been like had I not found Nirvana. I miss the man I never knew and I miss the music I never got to hear. They say every so often someone comes along and gives the world three chords and the truth.... See you in Nirvana Cobain. Mahalo

My essay from last april

Today is the 14 year anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death (Actually 4/5 but 4/8/94 is when his body was found) Here is a piece I wrote this year on Nirvana......

To me, Nirvana represented total artistic and creative freedom no matter what the cost. Kurt Cobain was able to achieve what millions of confused kids were never quite able to fully articulate. Kurt gave a voice and a face to an entire movement he himself was a part of. We were the jilted generation growing up with parents who grew up as hippies and ended up as corporate wall street frauds in federal prison. All the positive momentum of the 60's soon gave way to the gluttony and total failure of the 80's. When Nirvana first hit the scene it changed everything. It was okay to care, it was okay to be different, it was okay to be yourself, and most importantly it was okay to just exist. Life didn't have to have a purpose as long as you were just a good person. Kurt ended a generation of excess and he did his best to create positive change in the world. Women and Gay rights, musical and artistic freedom, everything the man did seemed to have a purpose. Although it seems totally evident now that Cobain himself did not appreciate his own gifts that he gave to the world, I will never forget the impact he made on my life. Cobain's art just made me feel more comfortable in my own skin. And although I am a complete corporate sellout like the people Cobain rallied against, I still can appreciate everything Nirvana and Cobain were. Nirvana and Kurt Cobain changed absolutely everything and I will always miss and lament the art and music Kurt never got to make because he left all of us way too soon.



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