Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You're Always Ahead Of The Pack

Its been insanely cold here in Indiana. Wet, cold, rainy. Last nights game should have been rained out. Had it been I could have seen Lebron James. Alas poor Yorick I knew him well........ The rain got so bad in the 6th inning the stadium emptied and the game didnt end til 1130 pm. During the 7th-9th innings the in stadium camera crews got so desperate to show fans on the jumbo tron the kept re-using the 6 people left in the crowd, tragically myself included. After the game, a couple of fans recognized me and were beyond nice. It never stops getting weird.... Ended up at a run down steak and shake after the game, came back to the hotel and checked the box scores and finally passed out.

Lorenzo Cain had his first in game action yesterday in Arizona. The plan is to get him 20 AB's before shipping off to Huntsville (so Ive heard). It was his birthday yesterday so obviously that was a pretty good present. Everyone is doing so well lately Im absolutely proud of everyone.

Woke up insanely early and watched 4 awesome episodes of Good Morning Miss Bliss while hammering away at my lap top. Good Morning Miss Bliss eventually became saved by the bell and now everyone reading this is substantially dumber for knowing that terrible fact.

Thats all, back home tomorrow.


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